Harry Potter | Emma Watson reveals the scene from the entire series that she hated the most


Although Emma Watson is currently one of the most famous British actresses today, it’s no secret that the artist began her career playing the adorable and iconic Hermione Granger in the saga Harry Potter. The little witch, one of the protagonists of the franchise, was her gateway to show business — and a role that Emma still talks about with great affection to this day.

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Emma Watson in the Yule Ball scene (Image: Disclosure/Warner Bros. Pictures)

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But not everything is rosy in Hollywood, especially when we are talking about a franchise developed over ten years, whose main characters were children with grown-up responsibilities. @

According to Emma Watson herself, there were also difficult moments during the recording, which made her feel pressured to perform a “perfect” scene, even if it meant recording it dozens of times. And today, looking back, she’s not afraid to say how much she hated being part of those moments.

Staircase scene scared Emma Watson

According to the website Screen Rant and some statements made by the actress in the franchise’s 20th anniversary special, released by Max in early 2022, there was a particular scene in the saga that left the actress quite uncomfortable — although not by a long shot, on screen. , it is possible to notice the atmosphere of tension that surrounded the environment. @

According to Watson, the moment in question happened during the recording of the Yule Ball for the fourth film in the saga, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firewhen Hogwarts hosts a party for the schools competing in the Triwizard Tournament.

At the beginning of the celebration, Hermione appears descending a staircase to meet Viktor Krum, her date and representative of the Durmstrang Institute in the competition. The little witch, who appears stunning in a party dress — very different from her usual school attire — experiences a moment of “transformation” during this walk, as she starts to be seen with different eyes by her schoolmates.

The moment, long awaited in the film, works as a watershed in the character’s story, both because it shows that the protagonists are definitely no longer children, and because it presents a side of Hermione’s personality that goes beyond the books and classes in the castle. .

Actress fell during recording

All of this, of course, made Watson extremely nervous about getting on set on the day of recording. The actress, who knew the expectations for this moment (where Hermione would go from a duckling to a swan), said that she was very nervous about the responsibility of what she needed to do, to the point of feeling uncomfortable with the situation.

Yule Ball marks Hermione's transformation in the series (Image: Disclosure/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Yule Ball marks Hermione’s transformation in the series (Image: Disclosure/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Photo: Canaltech

According to her, things got even worse after the clapping of clapperboards, as director Mike Newell was absolutely meticulous in the way he recorded her steps on the stairs. According to Watson, there was enormous pressure for her to appear at the exact moment at the top of the stairs, maintain a specific walking pace and not move her arms too much, so that they remained contained next to her body.

The result was that, in May, after so many commands and her own nervousness that things wouldn’t work out, Emma actually tripped over her dress and fell down the stairs! An accident that, fortunately, did not leave anyone injured, but caused the actress to be forever traumatized by the scene of Harry Potter.

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