Public Electoral Prosecutor (ES) filed 29 actions to challenge the registration of candidacies in TRE-ES. see the list

The Electoral Public Prosecutor’s Office in Espírito Santo filed 29 lawsuits challenging the registration of candidacies at the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-ES), one of which was an alternate senator; two for the position of federal deputy; and 26 for the position of state deputy. Of these, 23 remain in progress this Thursday, September 1.

Among the reasons for the challenges are candidates whose political rights are suspended (art. 15, Inc. V and Inc. III of the Federal Constitution); candidates whose accounts were rejected (art. 1, Inc. I, paragraph g of LC nº 64/90); candidates with a final and unappealable criminal conviction (art. 1, Inc. I, subparagraph e of LC nº 64/90); absence of timely disincompatibility (art. 1, Inc. II, paragraph l of LC No. 64/90); candidates convicted in Administrative Improbity Action (art. 1, I, sub-paragraph l of LC nº 64/90); candidacies with no electoral discharge – Accounts deemed not rendered; incompatibility with the official position (art. 1, Inc. I, subparagraph f of LC nº 64/90) and candidates dismissed from public service (art. 1, Inc. I, subparagraph o of LC nº 64/90).

Some of the candidates who had their registration contested have already regularized their situation before the TRE, or there was a request from the Public Prosecutor’s Office to dismiss the action, and are already able to participate in the 2022 election. Others, however, continue with the candidacy contested by the Electoral MP.

Check the list of applications that remain contested until last Thursday (1st).

ES SPEAK: information Electoral Public Ministry of Espírito Santo/OpiniãoES/Alan Fardin.

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