Brazil and Germany debate bioeconomy at Green Rio

The collaboration between Brazil and Germany in the areas of bioeconomy and sociobiodiversity is highlighted during Green Rio, an international event that takes place from September 1st to 3rd at Marina da Glória, in Rio de Janeiro. On Thursday afternoon, September 1st, the project ArticulaFito – Value Chains in Medicinal Plants, a joint initiative of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), and the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI), from Germany, present an agreement of intentions for international cooperation in the areas of medicinal plants; natural resources and bioeconomy; food security, nutrition and health; Communication; human resources training; and other topics of mutual interest. The articulation dialogue between Fiocruz, Mapa and JKI takes place on the morning of Friday, September 2nd, during the Brazil-Germany Workshop on Bioeconomy. The event is free and open to all interested parties. Applications must be made on the Green Rio website.

“In September, we will carry out the first technical visit by JKI researchers to the Carajás National Forest Extractives Cooperative (Coex Carajás) and the Carajás National Forest (Flona Carajás). It is in Flona de Carajás that Coex organizes the entire process of collection and primary processing of jaborandi leaves, the raw material from which pilocarpine is extracted, an active ingredient used in the production of eye drops for glaucoma, sold worldwide. The expedition is one of the activities aimed at prospecting institutions with a view to technical-scientific support for strengthening the value chains mapped by ArticulaFito”, says the technical and executive coordinator of the project, Joseane Costa.

ArticulaFito, which is the largest diagnosis ever carried out in Brazil on the productive potential of medicinal, aromatic, spice and food plants, aims to structure institutional and productive arrangements that use medicinal plants as a basis for food, cosmetics and phytotherapics, boosting health promotion , access to markets and local development in the context of the bioeconomy. Through the ValueLinks-B methodology, developed by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), 30 value chains have already been mapped in medicinal plants aimed at the herbal, cosmetics and food segments. “Based on the diagnosis carried out, we promote training actions, quality control, environmental conservation, coordination and governance in the territories”, explains Joseane.

The technical and executive coordinator of ArticulaFito informs that the collaboration with the German institute aims to strengthen community enterprises that are at the productive base of the value chains of pilocarpine from jaborandi leaves, macaúba oil, sucupira seed from extra virgin oil and of babassu flour. “Our main objective is to promote economic growth, based on existing market opportunities and competitive advantages, encouraging the creation of viable business models; environmental sustainability, with the sustainable use of biodiversity, water, energy and climate change adaptation and mitigation actions; and the social and productive inclusion of community enterprises of family farmers, indigenous peoples and traditional communities”, says Joseane.


ArticulaFito participates in the Green Rio program in the panels Bioeconomy and Sociobiodiversity in the context of the 2030 Agenda and Bioeconomy Value Chains, on the afternoon of Thursday, September 1st. On the morning of Friday, September 2nd, it’s time for the Brazil-Germany Workshop on Bioeconomy. At the Fiocruz stand, the ArticulaFito Regional Articulators’ Meeting takes place, with a planning workshop on the actions being developed in the territories. Conversation circles will also be held on institutional arrangements and quality control of medicinal plant-based products; the experience of Koyakati Village (PA) with agroforestry; and perspectives of articulation with the Florescer project, in the Atlantic Forest biome. Check out the complete Green Rio schedule.


ArticulaFito at Green Rio
September 1st to 3rd
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