88-year-old woman is found dead and with her feet tied in Vila Velha

88-year-old woman is found dead and with her feet tied in Vila Velha
88-year-old woman is found dead and with her feet tied in Vila Velha

The body of Neusa Ribeiro da Costa (highlighted) was collected and sent to the Mécido Legal Department (DML) in Vitória. Credit: Caique Verli / Family collection

An 88-year-old pensioner was found dead inside her house in the Ilha das Flores neighborhood, in Vila Velha, on the night of this Wednesday (31). Neusa Ribeiro da Costa lived alone and was on the bedroom floor, with her feet tied to the bed.

According to investigation by reporter Caique Verli, from TV Gazette, the body was found by neighbors, who were surprised when they saw the balcony gate open. They called for the retiree, but she didn’t answer. They then decided to enter the house and found Neusa next to the bed.

The crime took place on Rua Basilio Costa Longa. When the military police arrived at the scene, they found the house all overturned. To the PMs, neighbors reported that they lacked a 55-inch television, which was in the living room, in addition to two bottles of drinks.

Witnesses also said that Neusa had a sheet tied around her neck. There were no blood marks at the crime scene. The pensioner lived alone in the house and had no relatives in Espírito Santo.

A niece of Neusa, who lives in São Paulo, was surprised by her aunt’s death. She spoke by phone with reporter Caique Verli.

victim’s niece

Asked not to be identified

“We live in São Paulo, other relatives live in Belo Horizonte. She lived there for 40 years. She was my only living aunt, and I had great affection for her, she was always there”

The case shocked the victim’s friends, who declined to record the interview. Investigators from the Specialized Department of Homicide and Protection of Persons (DEHPP) went to the scene to carry out the first surveys. They talked to the pensioner’s neighbors and searched for images from cameras on the street that can point out who entered and who left the residence.

The police also made a forensic examination of the entire house. Investigators look for evidence and traces of suspects. Until the publication of this report, on Wednesday night, no one had been arrested. Neusa’s family is still trying to understand what happened and demands justice for her death.

victim’s niece

Asked not to be identified

“I want to know what really happened. And that the culprit, or culprit, be punished”

The Military Police reported that they were called by people who noticed the 88-year-old neighbor’s house all open and found it strange. They reported that, when they went in to check, they found the elderly woman tied to a bed, apparently already dead. “A garrison proceeded to the address and found the victim’s death, and the theft of a TV and two bottles of drinks was also found. It was not possible to define the cause of death at the time of the fact, the expertise was triggered and the occurrence was forwarded to the Civil Police for investigation,” the corporation said in a statement.

The Civil Police said that the case was registered as a robbery and remains under investigation by the Specialized Investigation Department (Deic). “So far, no suspect has been arrested and details of the investigation will not be released, for now. The victim’s body was sent to the Legal Medical Department (DML) of Vitória, to be necropsied and later released to the family”, he said. , in note.

The corporation highlighted that the population has an important role in investigations and can contribute information anonymously through Disque-Denúncia 181, which also has a website where it is possible to attach images and videos of criminal actions, disquedenuncia181.es.gov. br Anonymity is guaranteed and all information provided is investigated.

After the publication of this article, the Military and Civil Police responded to the demand of A Gazeta on Thursday morning (1st). The text has been updated.

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