Nest egg: students with pending issues have until this Thursday to make adjustments and guarantee benefits

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You state network students from the Paraíba that have pendencies at the nest egg program of the Federal Government have until this Thursday (4) to make the necessary adjustments and ensure receipt of the first installment of R$ 200, referring to the Enrollment Incentive. Almost 3 thousand students are in this situation, and it is essential to regularize their information by the stipulated deadline to avoid losses.

The Ministry of Education’s Present Management System (MEC) has already identified the causes of ineligibility, whether due to errors or inconsistencies in the information provided. If there is any inaccuracy, students must contact the state school in which they are enrolled to correct the data in the Integrated School Management Monitoring System (SIAGE) and send the necessary updates.

Information about pending issues can be accessed by students through the Student Journey application, a free tool, made available by the MEC, as part of the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation project. The application is available for download on the Google Play and App Store platforms and offers consultations on attendance records, school completion, program service channels, participation in the National High School Exam (Enem) and payment status.

According to the executive manager of School Development, Monitoring and Management Support for Learning Results, Herbert Gomes, a new extraction of data will be carried out and sent to the MEC with the list of corrected students by the end of this week. Those considered eligible for the nest egg will receive retroactive payments for the months of March and April.

For students whose data is correct, no further action is required. However, if ineligibility is related to differences in information with Bolsa Família, it is essential that the student or their family contact the Bolsa Família operators in the municipality of residence, where the registration with Cad-Único was made, to update information, including the student’s Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF), if necessary.

Pé-de-Meia is a financial-educational incentive program designed to promote the retention and completion of school for students enrolled in public secondary education. Among the eligibility criteria, which are fundamental for receiving incentives, are: being correctly enrolled in SIAGE; be between 14 and 24 years old; name, CPF, date of birth and mother’s name correctly entered in SIAGE; SIAGE data must match those of Bolsa Família, including the student’s CPF; be enrolled in high school; be regularly registered in the Single Registry; be a beneficiary of Bolsa Família; not belong to a single-person family in the Single Registry.

With an estimated investment of R$7.1 billion annually, the program aims to stimulate social mobility and combat inequality among young people. Through Pé-de-Meia, students have access to four types of incentives, with annual values ​​of up to R$3,000, conditioned on meeting the requirements. The amounts are deposited into digital accounts automatically opened by Caixa Econômica Federal, in the names of the students themselves. “Student participation is essential to ensure the success of the program. In this way, we will strengthen education in our state together”, invites the Secretary of State for Education, Roberto Souza.

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