How hackers embezzled more than R$6 million from Caixa

How hackers embezzled more than R$6 million from Caixa
How hackers embezzled more than R$6 million from Caixa

A Federal police (PF) launched this Wednesday, 3, the Private Key Operationwith the aim of dismantling a group suspected of committing cyber fraud Against the Caixa Econômica Federal and the city hall of Telêmaco Borba, in Paraná.

The operation involved the participation of more than 30 police officers, who served warrants in Brasília, Águas Lindas de Goiás (GO) and Santa Luzia (MG).

Four arrest warrants, 11 search and seizure warrants, 51 kidnapping, arrest and blocking warrants were executed, in addition to nine cryptocurrency kidnapping warrants.

How did the hackers siphon off the money?

According to investigators, the suspects used advanced hacking techniques to create a fake website with the aim of stealing credentials. Through this website, they induced a Telêmaco Borba city hall server to provide their login and password information. Subsequently, this information was used to access the municipality’s GovConta system, as detailed by the PF.

Then, the criminals cloned the server’s profile in a messaging application, using social engineering to impersonate him. In this way, they contacted the Caixa manager and obtained authorization to transfer amounts to fictitious companies, making it appear that these companies were suppliers to the city hall.

More than R$6 million diverted

According to researchers, more than R$6 million was diverted. The amounts were distributed across several bank accounts in the name of Oranges and later converted into cryptocurrencies.

The use of multiple layers of cryptocurrency accounts and wallets made it difficult to trace resources, with at least four layers of beneficiaries of the funds being identified, including members of the criminal organization who acquired luxury goods and took expensive trips”, explained the Federal Police.

If convicted, the suspects could serve sentences of up to 30 years for the crimes of qualified theft through fraud, hacking of a computer device, money laundering and participation in a criminal organization.

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