Roraima has the best delegate salary in Brazil, survey shows

City of the Civil Police of Roraima. Photo: Archive/Secom-RR

Roraima has the highest salary for delegates in Brazil. This is what the survey carried out by the Brazilian Public Security Forum shows, based on the average gross salaries of police chiefs in the country.

According to the data, delegates here receive, on average, around R$36,669.44. For comparison purposes, the value is 25 times higher than the minimum wage received in the country – readjusted to R$1,412 in 2024.

The state’s average salary is ahead of the other 25 states and the Federal District, such as Rio de Janeiro (R$35,863.25) and São Paulo (R$25,872.96). Only Rio Grande do Sul did not release the numbers.

Check out the list of the ten highest delegate salaries in Brazil below:

Roraima: R$36,669.44
Alagoas: R$ 35,971.20
Rio de Janeiro: R$ 35,863.25
Amazon: R$ 32,851.54
Mato Grosso: 32,266.61
Goiás: R$ 32,176.64
Santa Catarina: R$ 30,512.47
Pará: R$ 29,021.64
Paraíba: R$ 28,955.43
Maranhão: R$ 28,451.35
Curiosity: São Paulo appears only in 18th position, where delegates receive, on average, R$ 25,872.96.

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