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Revenues for 2023 exceed those of the previous year by 12.18%, according to report

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Luciana Daltro emphasized that public transparency is effectively advancing in RN

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The Government of RN presented this Tuesday, 2nd, the Budgetary and Financial Management Accounts Report for the 2023 financial year. Total revenue was R$ 17.640 billion. This value is 12.18% higher than 2022 when revenue was R$15.7 billion. The difference was R$1.915 billion. The number refers to the sum of R$7.47 billion in taxes and fees and R$7.82 billion in current transfers.

Expenses grew 11.91% in 2023 with a total value of R$17.28 billion. In 2022, the value was R$15.447 billion.

When presenting the report, in the Governor’s auditorium, at the Administrative Center in Natal, governor Fátima Bezerra, said that “the report on government executions also serves as a monitoring of actions and investments. The Comptroller’s work is very worthy because it brings transparency, and should be read by academies, social movements, mayors, public and private institutions so that we can advance further and further”.

The governor highlighted that the report is “the result of collective work and the result of a lot of dedication and public spirit on the part of the government team, which is mostly made up of career civil servants, with an excellent technical profile, competence and social sensitivity”.

The State’s general controller, Luciana Daltro emphasized that public transparency is effectively advancing in RN and that the report will be forwarded to the Legislative Assembly and the State Court of Auditors – TCE/RN. “The assessments that make up the report for the 2023 financial year were prepared based on the accounting balances and the results of budgetary, financial and patrimonial executions, recorded in the Integrated Fiscal Planning and Management System (SIGEF) and the information contained in audit documents of the State Comptroller General,” he declared.

Data collection followed the goals and actions established in the planning instruments, mainly in the organizations’ Multi-Year Plan (PPA 2020-2023). The document addresses the main aspects of government action in 2023 and found that RN increased payments of outstanding amounts to R$1.17 billion in 2023.

Despite the negative impact on state revenue due to the reduction in the ICMS rate, as established by Federal Complementary Law No. 194/2022, consolidated data reveals that total revenue for the State of RN in 2023 reached approximately 17.6 billion reais.

The State executed approximately 90% of the budget scheduled for 2023, with notable examples of budget execution in the areas of public security (94.19%), health (92.96%) and education (90.79%).

Essential investments are above the minimum

The Accounts Report shows that the government of Rio Grande do Norte prioritized essential investments in the 2023 fiscal year, with emphasis on vital areas such as health and education.

In the health area, the State allocated 12.63% of its net tax revenue, exceeding the constitutional minimum required by R$92.3 million.

Likewise, in education, 26.35% of net tax revenue was invested, exceeding the investment required by law by approximately R$49 million.

Financial balance analysis encompasses the assessment of compliance with results targets between revenues and expenses. In this context, the compatibility between budgetary laws and the amounts actually executed stands out.

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