Police officers act as ‘security troops’ for the cigarette mafia: they protect, monitor and even kill | Rio de Janeiro

Police officers act as ‘security troops’ for the cigarette mafia: they protect, monitor and even kill | Rio de Janeiro
Police officers act as ‘security troops’ for the cigarette mafia: they protect, monitor and even kill | Rio de Janeiro

Police officers act as ‘security troops’ for the cigarette mafia: they protect, monitor and even kill

The cigarette mafia in Rio, which moves millions per month It is executes dozens of enemies, continues to operate without being disturbed. O RJ2 found that the “cigarette troop”, a type of security team for the cigarette mafia, has firefighters, military police and even one federal police in their platoons.

You state agents infiltrated in organized crime protect the bosses, inspect cigarette sales points and even murder rivals. Former PM known as Sem Alma – due to the cruelty of his crimes – would be the leader of the troop, according to investigators.

Whoever should investigate becomes part of the mafia. And the police officer who tries to do the job that needs to be done, to fight crime, becomes the target of the gang.

1 of 1 Inspector Bruno’s car riddled with bullets — Photo: Reproduction
Inspector Bruno’s car riddled with bullets — Photo: Reproduction

Experts found 13 9mm caliber casings at the scene. Bruno managed to escape with his life: He was shot in the leg and survived.

According to the process that attempts to convict six defendants identified as participants in the attempted murder, the inspector was targeted because he was investigating the cigarette mafia.

Control at the Pavuna Fair

Among the actions that angered the group, according to investigations, was an operation carried out by Bruno’s team seven months earlier, at Feira da Pavuna, a neighborhood in the North Zone of the capital.

According to an investigation by the Public Ministry, “traders told the police about threats that were being made by supposed military police officers, forcing them to sell only one brand of cigarettes.”

The investigation report states that the Bruno police station then “authorized surveillance of the police officers at the scene so that they could identify the perpetrators.”

O RJ2 was at the location — where one of the strongholds of the illegal cigarette mafia operates. Three years later, the situation remains the same. There, Paraguayan product does not enter: only cigarettes counterfeited by the Brazilian gang.

“There’s no way you can get it cheaper, unless you find it in Caxias”, says a man.

When asked if there would be any factory in the city of Baixada Fluminense, he replies:

“Caxias has it. Caxias is the source. It’s really strong bullshit, really strong.”

Among those accused of trying to kill the police officer who was investigating the group, there are 5 military police officers. But they are part of a much larger universe, that of the police officers who are part of the structures of the cigarette mafia in Rio.

Survey of RJ2 shows that only 3 investigations carried out in Rio in the last 4 years were identified as being involved with clandestine cigarette sales gangs:

  • 22 military police
  • two firemen
  • 1 federal police

Sem Alma: appointed as the head of ‘security’

Active PM is accused of participating in an extermination group

In the request for the bicheiro’s arrest, the MP states that Adilsinho was called “boss” by the group’s members.

To support the list, the Public Prosecutor’s Office attaches a document obtained by the Homicide Police Station (DH) that shows the existence of a list of people authorized to enter and leave Adilsinho’s house, in Barra da Tijuca.

Among them was Soulless. The former PM was registered as Adilsinho’s security guard.

Target of PF operation threw party at Copacabana Palace for 500 people during the pandemic

In addition to the accusation for Catiri’s murder, the PM corporal is accused of involvement in five other murders.

Last month, Sem Alma was expelled from the Military Police for committing crimes.

According to the PM bulletin, his behavior is considered incompatible with the expected profile of a public security agent, given the seriousness of the facts investigated.

The court did not accept Adilsinho’s arrest request.

Corporate structure with federal in charge

The mafia’s security structure goes beyond the PM. Federal Police investigations show that a company was responsible for part of the hiring of police officers, in a type of outsourcing: the Carioca Vigilância LTDA – owned by a federal police agent – Allan Cardoso Inácio de Assis.

According to procedure, Allan recruited military police and firefighters to act in favor of the interests of the cigarette mafia.

The troop of police officers and firefighters had 34 employees who, according to the PF, received biweekly payments ranging from R$3,500 to R$15,000.

The security guards had among their duties: to threaten, embarrass and extort traders into selling products counterfeited by the gang, in addition to transporting valuables and avoiding police operations in the gang’s regions.

Among the security guards hired by the federal agent was an employee who provided services at Clube Atlético Barra da Tijuca – a football team founded by bicheiro Adilsinho.

Allan worked at the Federal Police station in Nova Iguaçu and criminals operate, as revealed yesterday by rj2, in almost half of Rio’s 92 municipalities.

The details of his actions were investigated by Operation Smoke Free.

The action investigated the cigarette sales scheme attributed to Adilsinho, but the procedure was suspended by the Superior Court of Justice.

Although the action is locked in court, Allan faces a disciplinary process at the Federal Police internal affairs department.

The RJ2 report found that the investigation is investigating the agent’s involvement with the cigarette mafia and his participation in the security company.

An audio that appears in one of the investigations shows how one of the state security agents who work in the cigarette squad acts in the group’s “espionage”:

“I’ve had this disguise for years, intelligence is up to me, I’ll raise any stakes. I can deal with anyone, I’m just not x-9”

The reach of the criminal organization goes beyond the role of police officers and firefighters as security guards.

Police officers who would be ‘competitors’ were killed

The RJ2 survey also shows that there are police officers and other state agents who decided to create their own gangs to compete with the mafia.

Among the 20 incidents of deaths, kidnappings and disappearances that the news showed this Monday, there are two PMs, a civil police officer and a criminal inspector – who, according to investigations, tried to challenge the illegal cigarette monopoly and ended up dead.

Among the victims was civil police officer João Joel de Araújo. According to DH investigations, he was selling cigarettes from Paraguay in Niterói.

The gang discovered and ordered his death, in 2022, in Guaratiba.

Bruno Killier da Conceição Fernandes was another victim. He was a penal inspector and became head of security in Bangu.

According to the police, Killer started selling cigarettes in competition with the mafia and was killed. His partner is missing.

A Federal police informed that it is investigating the actions of an agent within the corporation’s internal affairs department.

A Civil police reported that it investigates the actions of criminal groups in the state, in its different areas of activity, including misdemeanors and the clandestine cigarette trade, and that it “carries out operations to repress this type of illicit activity, including arrests of those involved in theft of cargo of cigarettes and closing warehouses of smuggled cigarettes, with the seizure of the material”.

The police also said that there is “constant exchange of information between the units involved to assist in the investigations.”

A Military police informs that it does not condone or tolerate any misconduct, crimes or abuse of authority carried out by its members, rigorously punishing those involved when the facts are established.

The defense of Adilsinho “reiterates that his client is innocent.”

The RJ2 production team was unable to contact the others mentioned.

RJ2 was unable to contact the others mentioned.

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