Patos de Minas has already had three deaths from Covid-19 this year; see vaccination schedule at USFs


Although it has been controlled by mass vaccination of the population, Covid-19 continues to claim victims. According to the Epidemiological Surveillance of Patos de Minas, the municipality already has 381 positive cases of the disease registered in 2024. Three people died, all men aged between 63 and 75 years. The first death occurred on January 18th, the second on February 8th and the third on March 8th.

“It is important to remember that the vaccine against the disease has become part of the childhood vaccination calendar (from six months onwards). For priority groups, the recommendation is for a booster dose of bivalent this year”.

And pay attention! From this Wednesday (03), vaccination against Covid-19 will be carried out on a large scale in family health units. Doses will be made available as follows:

Monday: Nova Floresta, Lagoa Grande, Alvorada and lpanema

Tuesday: Gramado, Sorriso, Jd. Paradise and Alto da Colina

Wednesday: Itamarati, Alto Limoeiro, Jd. Paulistano and Várzea

Thursday: Brazil, Father Eustáquio, Christ the Redeemer, Jd. Panoramic and New Horizon

Friday: Sebastião Amorim, Jd. Esperança, Abner Afonso and Guanabara

Considering the recent statement from the Government of Minas Gerais about the lack of doses of Pfizer Bivalente, the Municipal Health Department adopted the scale described above to optimize the use of doses in stock.

According to the vaccination strategy published in 2024 by the Ministry of Health, Bivalente is aimed at priority groups, including people aged 60 or over, immunocompromised people, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth, health workers, people with permanent disabilities or comorbidities.

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