Elderly woman found dead in SC store identified; ‘beaten to death’, says police officer


The 85-year-old woman beaten to death inside her own clothing store in the center of Pinhalzinho was identified as Olívia Steffens, in the west of Santa Catarina. The brutal crime took place this Tuesday morning (2), on Avenida Brasília, around 8:40 am.

According to Portal ND, delegate Lucas Almeida, from the Pinhalzinho police station, considers the crime barbaric and claims that she was cruelly murdered. Several drawers were open in the store, which raises the suspicion of robbery. However, the motivation for the murder remains under investigation.

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Elderly woman had fractures on her face

According to the Fire Department, the victim had several fractures to his chin and face, as well as bleeding from his mouth and nose.

Initial information is that the suspect is a tall man and was wearing a hoodie and wearing a cap. According to the delegate, he allegedly entered the store and beat the elderly woman to death.

The victim lived in the same location as the store and was alone at the time of the crime. The case is being investigated and there is still no information about what was stolen from the store.

Via ND+, partner of Portal Alexandre José.

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