Alagoas records 2nd highest performance in the Northeast in job creation


Alagoas recorded a positive balance of 23,291 formal jobs in 2023. The increase was 5.93% compared to the previous year, according to data from the New General Register of Employed and Unemployed Persons (Caged), released on Tuesday (30 ) by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

The job creation rate in Alagoas is the second highest in the Northeast and the fifth best in Brazil. In the region, the state is second only to Piauí, which registered growth of 6.43%. Alagoas is ahead of Rio Grande do Norte (4.94%), Sergipe (4.51%), Ceará (4.35%), Paraíba (4.28%), Maranhão (3.81%), Bahia ( 3.78%) and Pernambuco (3.75%). Across the country, job creation was driven by Amapá, which showed growth of 7.45%. Next come Roraima (6.89%), Piauí (6.43%), Tocantins (6.08%) and Alagoas.

For Governor Paulo Dantas, Alagoas’ performance is the result of development work, planned and executed by the State Government. “We have created a favorable environment for our companies to come and we are committed to attracting investments, because we believe that there is no more powerful tool for combating poverty than generating jobs and income”, he highlighted.

According to Caged, employment behavior in Alagoas last year was driven by the services sector, which opened 13,810 new formal vacancies, corresponding to 59.2% of the total jobs created in the state. Next come industry, with the creation of 3,758 jobs, commerce (3,631) and construction (3,631). The agricultural sector was the only one that ended the year with a negative balance, with the closure of 167 formal jobs.


One of the factors that contributed to the opening of jobs in the service sector was the implementation, by the State Government, of the Tourism School. Developed to meet the demand of the Alagoas tourist trade for qualified labor, the program last year offered more than 3,500 places in various professional courses, with 130 classes trained, more than 30 specializations and certificates of completion.

According to a survey by the State Secretariat for Tourism (Setur), around 3 thousand students were trained in 28 tourist municipalities, in just four months of implementation. The program is expected to train 11,000 people this year.

State Government incentives cover all sectors. In December last year, for example, the State Council for Economic and Social Development (Conedes) of the State Secretariat for Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (Sedics) approved tax incentives for nine companies, through the Integrated Development Program of the State (Prodesin). Together, the projects inject R$29.8 million into the Alagoas economy.

For the owner of Sedics, Maria Alice Beltrão, the Government of Alagoas continues working to prospect new investments. “Locational and tax benefits attract new companies, boosting our economy. With this, there are new jobs and new opportunities for people from Alagoas,” she said.

Created by State Law No. 5,671, of February 1, 1995, Prodesin aims to promote the economic development of the state, attracting new investments and stimulating the expansion of already established companies and, consequently, generating new jobs.

In 2016, the program underwent modernization and began offering a 92% reduction in the payment of Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) when industrialized products exit. Goods destined for fixed assets, the raw material used in the manufacture of products and in the internal acquisition of electricity and natural gas, also received an ICMS deferral.

To further boost the economy and continue generating jobs and income, governor Paulo Dantas inaugurated, in June 2023, the State’s commercial office in the city of São Paulo, placing Alagoas as a fundamental actor for the recovery of the industrial sector and expansion in the field of priority activities, increasing the capacity of companies in both states to act in a complementary manner. “Let’s promote Alagoas together and show Brazil and the world our history, culture and diversity”, highlights the governor.


With the result of 2023, the state accumulates a stock of 415,916 formal jobs. 47.6% of this total is concentrated in the services sector, which has a stock of 198,313 vacancies. Next come commerce, with 96,431 jobs, industry (78,356), construction (27,024) and agriculture (15,792).

Of the 23,291 jobs created in Alagoas last year, 13,744 were held by men, which represents 59% of the total. Another 9,546 are female jobs. According to the Caged survey, the age group between 18 and 24 years old occupies 67.2% of the vacancies created in 2023, with 15,666 workers.

The registry also shows that 78.3% of formal jobs created in the state in 2023 are occupied by workers with completed secondary education, which represents 18,250 vacancies. Next come professionals with completed higher education (3,378), incomplete primary education (1,122), incomplete secondary education (479) and incomplete higher education (254).

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