PM deactivates barracks in the city of Minas, which he says was ‘caught by surprise’

PM deactivates barracks in the city of Minas, which he says was ‘caught by surprise’
PM deactivates barracks in the city of Minas, which he says was ‘caught by surprise’

With 4.25 thousand inhabitants, the city of Itacambira, in the North of Minas, had its police headquarters deactivated. The decision to withdraw the detachment that operated in the municipality was taken, according to the corporation, due to a lack of “minimum conditions” for the agents. This Tuesday (2/4), the local city hall claimed to have been “surprised” by the measure.

In a note, Itacambira City Hall states that it has a contract with the Military Police in force until December 31, 2024, which would ensure the transfer of resources from the Executive to the corporation. The budget, says the Executive, is used to cover all the maintenance costs of the security unit. According to the PM, the agents, however, will continue to carry out policing and support the local community.

In turn, also through a note, the 11th Regional Military Police (RPM) of Montes Claros, in the North of Minas, reported that the PM detachment in the city was deactivated due to “not having the minimum structural conditions of safety and health for the military police officers assigned to the unit, with the force being temporarily relocated to Juramento” – a city that is 60 kilometers from Itacambira.

The administrative headquarters of the PM in the municipality operated in a house. On the wall in front of the property, a poster was fixed stating: “PM Barracks Deactivated. Administrative headquarters of the detachment transferred to the city of Juramento. In case of emergency, call 190”. The poster also states that police requests must be made at least 10 days in advance, via email.

In the clarification note, sent to the State of Minas This Tuesday, the city hall recalls that “it is important to highlight that not only the population of Itacambira, but also the current management was surprised by the decision adopted by the local Military Police, since no information regarding the matter was previously communicated “.

“Until now there has been no official statement or position from the Military Police and those responsible for public security, in order to understand the reasons that led to this decision and how it will affect the security of our community”, argues the Municipality.

The municipal administration of Itacambira maintains that it has “always strictly complied” with a term signed with the PM, paying for the maintenance costs of the police unit. “The municipal administration has always strictly complied with the Cooperation Agreement signed between the Municipality of Itacambira and the Military Police, which is (sic) in force until December 31st of this year, that is, all costs with fuel, vehicle maintenance, utility bills energy, water bills, administrative materials, internet, etc., are paid for through the transfer made by the municipality to the Military Police”, says the text.

The Executive also argues that, according to the Federal Constitution, public security is “the duty of the state” and “the rights of all”. In this sense, he emphasizes that the “municipal government does not have the competence to make decisions or interfere in issues related” to the structure and functioning of public security.

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“On this occasion, we clarified that the municipality trusts the decisions of those responsible for public security in the State of Minas Gerais, considering that their dedication to guaranteeing the security of Minas Gerais municipalities is well known, and with Itacambira the deal has always been – and not We have doubts that it will continue to be the same”, concludes the municipal management.

What the Military Police say

When contacted by the report, the 11th Military Police Region (RPM) of Montes Claros responded to the issue of deactivating the Itacambira detachment with the following note:

“The 11th Military Police Region informs that, due to the headquarters of the Military Police Barracks, in the city of Itacambira, not having the minimum structural safety and health conditions for the military police officers assigned to that fraction to provide their services to the local population, the PMMG personnel were temporarily reassigned to the PM fraction in Juramento. The personnel from the Itacambira PM detachment will continue to carry out policing and support the local community throughout the day.”

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