Operation indicts 24 people in Rio Pardo de Minas

Operation indicts 24 people in Rio Pardo de Minas
Operation indicts 24 people in Rio Pardo de Minas

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG) concluded last Monday (1st) the police investigation that led to the execution of two stages of the “Temple Court” operation, in Rio Pardo de Minas, in the north of the state. The operation aimed to repress a criminal organization involved in drug trafficking, which used violent methods to maintain its activities, including coercion and crimes against life. In total, 24 individuals were formally charged.

Investigations began on March 15 after a 40-year-old man was killed with several gunshots. The crime was motivated by the fact that the victim purchased and used drugs from people who did not work in the organization involved. For this, he was tried by a “parallel court” and sentenced to death.

The first phase of the operation was launched on May 30, 2023, when seven people, five of whom were being investigated, were subject to temporary arrest warrants and two other suspects were arrested in the act for drug trafficking. At the time, eight search and seizure warrants were executed and two cars were hijacked.

During the second phase, which took place on January 17 of this year, 16 people were arrested, thirteen were subject to temporary arrest warrants and three were arrested for drug trafficking.

The Civil Police delegate, João Victor Santiago Lopes Petrone, said that after the operation he represented the conversion of temporary detention into preventive detention and the judiciary accepted the request. “All those being investigated are in preventive custody and at the disposal of justice,” he explained.

The delegate highlights that the police investigation, which has more than a thousand pages, was completed within the legal deadline and those investigated were indicted for being part of a criminal organization and drug trafficking. “Due to the conduct, whoever participated in the homicide was also indicted for the practice,” explained Petrone.

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