Bolsonarista Claudio Castro admits that Rio de Janeiro improved with Lula


The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro (PL), known for his proximity to Bolsonarism, praises the partnerships established with the federal government, led by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

At an event alongside Lula, Castro highlighted the beginning of dredging works on the São Lourenço Channel, in Niterói, highlighting the importance of collaboration between different spheres of government for regional development.

What do you need to know:

  • Governor Cláudio Castro praises partnerships with the federal government at an event with Lula.
  • Beginning of dredging works on the São Lourenço Channel is a highlight of the event in Niterói.
  • Castro recognizes economic advances and highlights the importance of unity between governments.

Partnership and Regional Development:

When participating in the ceremony announcing the dredging works, Governor Cláudio Castro emphasized the importance of partnerships between the federal, state and municipal governments to boost regional development. The project aims to improve access to the Niterói Industrial and Port Complex, highlighting collaboration as a key to overcoming challenges and promoting advances in waterway infrastructure.

Recognition of Economic Advances:

Despite his connection with Bolsonarism, Cláudio Castro recognized the economic advances achieved in his state during the current administration of the federal government. When mentioning the increase in business openings and job creation, the governor highlighted the effectiveness of development partnerships and thanked President Lula for his support and collaboration.

Challenges of National Reconstruction:

In turn, President Lula highlighted the challenges faced in rebuilding the country upon assuming the presidency, describing Brazil as “dismantled”. When mentioning the need for reforms and reconstruction of institutions, Lula highlighted the importance of initiatives such as the partnership with the government of Rio de Janeiro to boost development and overcome obstacles.

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