New Samu ambulances will be destined for 30 municipalities in Pernambuco | Latest:

New Samu ambulances will be destined for 30 municipalities in Pernambuco | Latest:
New Samu ambulances will be destined for 30 municipalities in Pernambuco | Latest:
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New vehicles from Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) will be distributed in 30 municipalities in Pernambuco. The initiative is part of the first stage of the new Growth Acceleration Program (New PAC), Health axis, in the SAMU 192 and Emergency Regulation Centers modalities.

These modalities should benefit 12.2 million of people with the donation of 537 new ambulances which will be distributed throughout the country and with the construction of 14 new Centers. Together, the two actions will increase the national coverage of the mobile emergency care service from 87% to 93% of the population.

According to the Ministry of Health, more than 2.7 thousand proposals were selected for implementation in the Health axis of the New PAC. In total, 14 municipalities in eight states will benefit from Samu vehicles, which were acquired with an investment of: R thousand.

The New PAC is an investment program coordinated by the Federal Government, in partnership with the private sector, states, municipalities and social movements. The objective is to accelerate economic growth and social inclusion, generating employment and income, and reducing social and regional inequalities.

The program is organized into institutional measures and nine investment axes. In the health axis, the New PAC will invest R$31.5 billion by 2026, enabling the universalization of essential services in the public network.

The first stage of the New PAC in the health area also foresees the expansion of Basic Health Units (UBS), Psychosocial Care Centers (Caps), Specialized Rehabilitation Centers (CER), mobile dental units, orthopedic workshops, polyclinics and maternity hospitals. In this first stage, the investment was R.6 billion.


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