Government allocates R$9.7 million for extension projects at state universities

Government allocates R$9.7 million for extension projects at state universities
Government allocates R$9.7 million for extension projects at state universities

The State Government announced this Tuesday (2) another investment package, in the order of R$ 9.7 million, to promote extension projects developed by the seven state universities. The resources contribute to improving the professional training of students and the services provided to the community, through the activities of universities.

The amounts come from the Paraná Fund for promoting science and technology, administered by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Seti). State institutions must submit projects by May 31st.

The resources are intended for extension projects proposed by the State’s higher education institutions, scientific dissemination events, among other initiatives, with a view to including university extension actions in undergraduate curricula.

Among the benefits foreseen in the notice are the improvement of students’ professional training, the integration between the knowledge produced within the university with social demands, sustainable development and measures that facilitate digital transformation in universities.

Proposals must cover areas identified as priorities by the Paraná Science and Technology Council (CCT Paraná): Agriculture and Agribusiness; Biotechnology and Health; Intelligent Energies; Smart Cities; and Education, Society and Economy.

COMMUNITY – More than R$2.3 million of the resources will be allocated to extension actions aimed at social minorities. With the availability of R$1.3 million, universities must present proposals aimed at Third Age Universities, which are projects developed in all seven higher education institutions linked to the government, for this target audience.

The other part must involve the development of preparatory courses for the entrance exams at each institution. The training will be aimed at people in situations of social and economic vulnerability.

SEARCH – Another notice, worth R$6 million, provides for the improvement of the network of multi-user laboratories, announced in March by governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior as part of an investment package of R$212 million. State higher education institutions and the Paraná Institute of Technology (Tecpar) have until April 29 to submit projects for this public call.

The investment will be allocated to modernizing the infrastructure of the network of laboratories shared between state universities and Tecpar. The action also favors the activities of postgraduate programs and cooperation between research and teaching institutions.

The Multi-User Laboratory system favors the optimization of the use of resources and contributes to research and development activities by avoiding the duplicate acquisition of equipment and facilitating access to different tools.

RECORD BUDGET – The budget approved for financing strategic programs in the area of ​​Science, Technology and Higher Education in the 2024 Annual Budget Law has a total value of R$708.9 million. The amount is the result of part of the State’s tax revenue, and is shared with the Araucária Foundation, the Secretariat for Innovation, Modernization and Digital Transformation (SEI), Tecpar, the Institute of Rural Development of Paraná (IDR-PR) and the Paraná Institute of Economic and Social Development (Ipardes).

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