Registration for projects in the State Inclusion Incentive System ends Friday


Registration for projects in the State Inclusion Incentive System ends on Friday (5)

Entities that develop social promotion actions in the State of Piauí can register with the State Incentive System for Social Inclusion and Promotion, SEIPS, until April 5th to receive a letter of credit with amounts of up to R$ 180,800, 00. Entities that have been founded for four years and have an active CNPF can register.

The Secretary of Social Assistance, Labor and Human Rights, Regina Sousa, explains that these are tax waiver resources that the State Government passes on to entities that carry out social inclusion and promotion projects. And she informs that this year entities can only register one project and it cannot be the same one presented in 2023. “It is a way of democratizing and giving opportunities to other entities that do social work”.

Regina Sousa informs that this year R$8 million will be transferred to the entities. “It’s not a lot of money, it’s not possible to serve everyone, because there are many entities that provide social services.” She remembers that if the entity works with assistance, provides assistance to a group, it has the right to also dispute the resource as long as it has an active CNPJ.

In 2023, 59 projects were approved and received a letter of credit with amounts of up to R$129,600. One of the projects was that of Associação Reabilitar for the acquisition of equipment for the House for Pregnant Women, Babies and Postpartum Women, which opened last week in Teresina. “Associação Reabilitar created the project, presented it and it was approved by SEIPS and they purchased all the equipment.”

Entities can register the project, until next Friday (5), by email [email protected]. The project will be analyzed by the SEIPS Deliberative Council and the approval and final result will be announced on May 21st. Letters of credit will be delivered on June 4th.

Check SEIPS resolution 01/2024.

Source: SASC

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