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RS registers an increase in inspection of fines for drunk driving during Operation Semana Santa 2024

The PRF (Federal Highway Police) released this Monday (1st) the balance of Operation Holy Week 2024 in Rio Grande do Sul. Thus, an increase in the flow of vehicles was recorded on all federal highways in Rio Grande do Sul, which showed intense movement mainly on Thursday, Friday (28th and 29th) and Sunday (31st). Actions to combat crime and traffic inspection marked the operations of the Federal Highway Police, which worked around the clock doing its part to ensure the safety of highway users.

With traffic inspection focused on conduct that generates a greater risk of fatality, the Federal Highway Police fulfilled their mission in combating traffic violence.

Several actions focused on places with the highest accident rates were carried out, resulting in the inspection of 5,275 vehicles, the carrying out of 4,436 breathalyzer tests, and 3,139 traffic citations. Special highlight goes to the 173 fines for drivers who were drunk and/or who refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Overt patrols were reinforced, especially at busy times and places, making policing more visible and response times to incidents shorter.

Actions to combat crime to promote safety for highway users took place throughout the day. In approaches guided by risk analysis, vehicles suspected of being used to commit crimes were intercepted and inspected, resulting in the arrest in the act of 17 criminals.

Accident data from Operation Semana Santa 2024 compared to 2023:

(2023– 2024)

Accidents: 54 – 69
Injured people: 54 – 75
People killed: 5 – 5
Assessments: 2,473 – 3,139
Indictments involving alcohol levels while driving: 122- 173
Speeding violations: 1,840 – 3,106

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