State calls on 315 more public teachers

In the classroom: teachers recruited must meet demand in primary and secondary education (Photo: Secom)

The Government of Goiás called, this Tuesday (02/04), another 315 approved in a public competition for PIII teacher in the state Education network. As in previous calls, the inauguration will take place virtually, via the Electronic Information System (SEI), to guarantee speed in the process.

Pre-registration of professionals with the SEI must be done by April 5th, via email [email protected]. From the 8th, those approved must present the documentation electronically.


At this stage, it will be necessary to attach the declaration for investiture in public office, in addition to CPF, ID, proof of address, electoral registration, higher education diploma and other documents listed in the notice. The nominations are expected to be published on May 3rd. The inauguration should take place from May 8th, followed by a training course.

“Teachers will work in schools with a decent structure, with standards of excellence and capable of competing with private schools. We committed resources to this transformation and education in Goiás is now a national reference”, says governor Ronaldo Caiado, when welcoming the new employees.

The Secretary of Education, Fátima Gavioli, recalls that the state went 20 years without receiving permanent teachers, which was corrected by the current administration.


Those selected are part of the list of 5,050 approved for the position of level III teacher (graduates), in a competition held by the Department of Education (Seduc) in 2022. Those selected will work in the state education network, which currently has a thousand school units and serves more than 500 thousand students, in all regions of Goiás.

In an unprecedented way, vacancies were offered for indigenous professionals, quilombolas, Libras interpreters and Libras and Braille instructors.

Check the list of those called up:
For more guidance on induction, visit the Education website

Department of Education – Government of Goiás

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