Sebrae delegation from Rio Grande do Norte visits Alece’s Entrepreneur Room

Sebrae delegation from Rio Grande do Norte visits Alece’s Entrepreneur Room
Sebrae delegation from Rio Grande do Norte visits Alece’s Entrepreneur Room

The Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará (Alece), through the Entrepreneur’s Room, received a delegation from the Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Businesses of Ceará (Sebrae) from Rio Grande do Norte, this Tuesday (02/04 ). The objective of the visit was to learn about the work carried out by the Alece body, conducted in partnership with Sebrae Ceará.

Opened on December 13, 2021, Alece’s Entrepreneur Room was the first within a Legislative House in Brazil, and won, in 2023, the Sebrae Gold Seal of Reference in Service. The general coordinator of the equipment, deputy Alysson Aguiar (PCdoB), highlighted his satisfaction with Alece’s pioneering spirit.

“We are very happy to welcome our friends from Rio Grande do Norte to learn a little about this work. It is essential that we encourage movements like this and I defend that the Entrepreneur’s Room not only helps small entrepreneurs to open their business, but also monitors this business, because this is essential for you to be successful in your business”, he said. .

The coordinator of Alece’s Entrepreneur Room, Lucas Aquino, spoke about the initiatives and partnerships. Among the activities carried out by the space are: Assistance to Individual Microentrepreneurs, such as formalization and regularization of the business; training and consultancy in conjunction with partner bodies (Sebrae, Ceará Credi and the Women’s Attorney’s Office – PEM); and promotion of fairs, enabling the engagement of entrepreneurs to sell their goods and form networks.

“Although we have recent work, the Alece Entrepreneur Room is an innovative initiative in Brazil and a pioneer among Legislative Houses and, in a short time, it has already become a reference, which means that other Entrepreneur Rooms in the country will come learn here to spread good practices”, he explains.

Lucas Aquino also highlighted the organization’s management model: “we have already participated in events in more than forty municipalities here in the state of Ceará, mainly through the partnership with PEM, with Donas de Si. In this program we go to the interior of Ceará encouraging female entrepreneurship by holding financial training lectures. This ends up being a great performance, in the sense of encouraging entrepreneurship not only here in Fortaleza, but also in other municipalities.”

Representing the first lady of Alece, Cristiane Leitão, the advisor of the Cell for the Promotion of Citizenship and Social Impact Entrepreneurship of the Social Responsibility Committee (CRS), Luana Brasileiro, mentioned the coordinated work of the Room with the Cell and with private sectors , such as the University of Fortaleza (Unifor).

“These are actions that bring together partners such as the Entrepreneur’s Room, the Social Responsibility Committee, private partners such as the University of Fortaleza, which make us truly successful and an example of a house that goes far beyond its objectives. primaries, which is just about legislating and monitoring”, he mentioned.

The purpose of the visit to exchange and share good experiences was reinforced by the representative of Sebrae Ceará, Pedro Silva, who also mentioned that Sebrae has a partnership with 160 Entrepreneur Rooms distributed in several municipalities in Ceará.

“What exists, especially here in Alece, are good projects to serve individual entrepreneurs, local entrepreneurs, making the services provided serve as a reference for these agents who come here to meet and also have the opportunity to share this in the your local scope, in your region”, he added.

In total, 30 development agents and four consultants were present at the meeting and were also able to see the space facilities in Annex III of Alece. Representing Sebrae RN, public policy analyst Thales Fernandes highlighted the choice to visit the Alece body.

“We have this space as a reference as it is within the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará. This gave us a certain curiosity to learn about the work and absorb good practices. We learn from those who are doing it and it’s working and we take it to replicate as well,” he commented.

To learn more about the work of the Entrepreneur Room, access the organization’s page.

Editing: Lusiana Freire

The article is in Portuguese

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