Why summer 2023-2024 tourism exceeded expectations in SC

Why summer 2023-2024 tourism exceeded expectations in SC
Why summer 2023-2024 tourism exceeded expectations in SC

A convergence of factors contributed to the 2023-2024 summer tourism generating results above expectations for Santa Catarina, according to the balance of the Estação Verão developed by the State government. Climate, economic scenario and improved services helped SC receive more visitors and have better economic results during the period.

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When releasing the report, at an event this Monday, governor Jorginho Mello highlighted that the economic performance of tourism exceeded expectations, with the arrival of more visitors and the generation of taxes. The projection was 2.8 million tourists, but 2.9 million came.

With more public, SC had record revenue in January. State revenue had real growth of 17% compared to the same month in 2023, and 12.6% in February in the same comparison. The increases were mainly driven by greater consumption of fuel and food in the State.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Evando Neiva highlighted that more tourists came to the State using all means of transport: road, air and sea. According to him, the data collected, especially from Fecomércio-SC, showed that visitors spent more during the trip. One of the reasons is the improvement of private tourist attractions.

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Among the external factors that helped are the climate, which was favorable at the beginning of the year after a lot of rain in the last months of 2023. And the international economic situation also favored it: the more expensive dollar, lack of planes and wars meant that fewer Brazilians had willingness to travel abroad. Therefore, they preferred to tour Brazil.

An important new fact was the joint action of the state government to serve tourists well, after so many cases of viruses that even attracted international criticism the previous summer. The Secretary of State for Health, Carmen Zanotto, highlighted that the number of acute viruses fell by 70% this summer compared to the previous one.

The secretariat developed a series of actions to better serve tourists and the population of Santa Catarina. Increased SAMU services, which responded to 67,864 incidents during the season. While developing a dengue prevention campaign, it also prevented viruses. In this case, the actions involved more health surveillance guidance for restaurants and care for the use of treated water in food preparation.

And to ensure safe bathing, the Environmental Institute (IMA) expanded water analyzes on the main beaches in SC, reaching the highest national average. Also to preserve water quality, Casan, the State’s water and sanitation company, took preventive actions, highlighted President Edson Moritz. Among the measures, preventive maintenance was carried out on lifts in the north and south of the Island of SC, greater control of rainwater sewage.

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Celesc, for example, expanded the supply of teams for emergency recovery and also expanded the supply of energy. According to the company’s president, Tarcísio Rosa, five generators were installed to meet demand in the municipality of Governador Celso Ramos.

For next summer, the challenge will be to offer even better services. One of the bottlenecks that is difficult to resolve is low mobility. To improve traffic on the Island of SC, Mayor Topázio Neto said that he spoke with the governor and it was agreed to carry out three works: duplication of the Ademar Gonzaga Highway to Epagri, improvement of traffic on the way up to the timber mill on SC-401 and towards only way to enter Jurerê.

Although SC has a diversified economy, tourism is present throughout the State and is a sector with a transversal impact, driving more than 50 economic sectors. Therefore, it will continue to be relevant and require attention and investment, both public and private.

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