The city of Humaitá, located in the heart of the Amazon, witnessed a significant event on March 8: the inauguration of the Waterway Training School, a project carried out by the Humaitá River Agency, under the aegis of the Porto Velho River Captaincy (CFPV ). This initiative was born from the joint commitment of the Brazilian Navy, local and federal politicians, and the community, marking an important step towards the advancement of safety and professionalization in river navigation in the region.

Financing and Political Support: The Basis of the Project

The construction of the School was made possible thanks to parliamentary amendments by Federal Deputies Átila Lins and State Deputies Adjuto Afonso, reflecting the crucial role of political and financial support in the development of essential infrastructures. The inauguration ceremony brought together prominent figures, including Rear Admiral Alexandre Itiro Villela Assano, who represented the Command of the 9th Naval District, as well as other executive and legislative authorities, underlining the importance of the event for the local community and the state of Amazon.

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Regional Impact and Navigation Safety

The new Waterways Training School not only symbolizes an advance in the professional training of river sailors, but also represents a milestone in promoting safe navigation on the region’s rivers. According to Deputy Átila Lins, this project will benefit everyone who uses the waterways, contributing to safer and more efficient navigation. The enthusiasm is also shared by Deputy Deputy Afonso, who sees the Brazilian Navy as an essential partner in the qualification of waterway professionals.

The Importance of Multisectoral Partnership

Admiral Assano highlighted the School as an example of success arising from cooperation between different spheres of government and civil society, through SOAMAR (Sociedade Amigos da Marinha). This joint effort results not only in tangible benefits for society, but also in the socioeconomic development of the municipality of Humaitá and the State of Amazonas, reflecting the potential of collaborative initiatives to achieve common goals.

Development, Citizenship and Security

The inauguration of the Waterways Training School in Humaitá symbolizes a significant advance for the southern region of Amazonas, bringing development, citizenship and, above all, greater safety in navigation on the Madeira River and surrounding areas. This event marks the beginning of a new era in the qualification of waterway professionals, preparing them not only to face the challenges of river navigation, but also to contribute to the growth and safety of the Amazon region.

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