Women are the main victims of stalking in Brazil

Women are the main victims of stalking in Brazil
Women are the main victims of stalking in Brazil

In 2021, Brazil took a big step in combating persecution, known internationally as stalking. The sanction of a specific law to curb and punish this practice has shown significant results in recent years, including greater protection for victims and awareness of the seriousness of this crime.

How is Brazil combating Stalking?

Since the implementation of the law on stalking, the numbers reveal both progress and challenges. In 2023, a 38.5% increase in occurrences was recorded, highlighting the crucial need for continuous and effective actions against this crime. The legislation provides for up to two years in prison for offenders, addressing both physical and psychological threats, including via the internet.

Who are the main victims of Stalking?

O stalking does not distinguish gender, but it is undeniable that women represent the largest proportion of victims. In 2023, 79,700 complaints were registered by women, an average of 9 women per hour seeking help at police stations against this disturbing invasion of their privacy and freedom.

The effectiveness of the Stalking Law

The passage of the law was a milestone, offering a legal path for victims of stalking seek protection. One example is the case of Renata Meirelles, whose persistent persecution she experienced was only controlled thanks to law enforcement. This and other reports point to a significant reduction in persecution after the aggressors were arrested.

  • The law addresses threats to physical and psychological integrity.
    • It records an increase in complaints, pointing to greater awareness.
    • Ensures legal protection mechanisms for victims.

The challenge of reporting and the importance of data

Despite the notable progress with the law of stalking, many victims are still hesitant to report, in part due to the difficulty in collecting evidence and the lack of resources for online investigations. Increasing the response capacity of authorities is essential to transform awareness into effective protection.

    1. Awareness about the seriousness of the stalking.
    2. Encouragement for victims to report cases.
    3. Improved authorities’ investigative resources.

The fight against stalking It is a continuous journey, which requires joint efforts from society and public authorities to guarantee the safety and freedom of all. With the support of legislation and the strengthening of protection structures, we are moving in the right direction.

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