Discover 5 cities in SC that could ‘sink’ by 2050

Discover 5 cities in SC that could ‘sink’ by 2050
Discover 5 cities in SC that could ‘sink’ by 2050

The portal ND More revealed, based on maps from the Climate Central organization platform, that cities on the North Coast of Santa Catarina could have submerged points due to rising sea levels.

According to the study, some known locations in Santa Catarina could face significant flooding in 2050, if problems related to the increase in global temperatures persist.

Jurerê Beach, North of SC Island – Photo: Leo Munhoz/ND

The maps are based on data from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and assess, based on topography, areas most susceptible to flooding and erosion.

Check out five other cities in Santa Catarina at risk of “sinking”

1. São Francisco do Sul

The oldest city in Santa Catarina appears on the map with much of it covered by sea water, especially the Praia do Capri region.

2. Joinville

According to the map, a large part of the eastern portion of Joinville would be flooded by 2050. Among the points, natural parks and areas close to the airport stand out.

3. Tijucas

A large part of Tijucas would be taken over by water, which would reach BR-101.

4. Florianopolis

The northern portion of the capital of Santa Catarina would also be affected. Among the main locations are Jurerê, Lagoinha do Norte, Ingleses Norte, Vargem de Fora and Canasvieiras.

5. Jaguaruna

Further south of Santa Catarina, Jaguaruna is also on the map. The most affected part of the city would be the one around the lagoon that bears the same name.

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