Important works from the recent history of RN music arrive this week on music platforms


Natal/RN – Important works from the recent history of RN music arrive this week on music platforms (24/4) and YouTube (23/4).

The event takes place through the Fora do Mapa project implemented by the cultural combo Mudernage, which seeks to map and place in current digital music consumption services relevant records from groups that are not yet available in this digital environment.

At this stage, the three albums covered by the project are the CD “Poemas electrificados & others que fois” by the group Os Poetas Elétricos, released in 2004; the CD “Os Bonnies” (now with three bonus tracks) by the band Os Bonnies, released in 2005; and the 2003 CD “Bugs”, written by the band Bugs.

The common point of these three CDs is that at the time of their release they were nominated for awards in the Brazilian music market, such as the Dynamite Independent Music Award (SP), the Claro Music Award (SP) and the London Burning Award (RJ). ; The works were praised in specialized national publications, such as: “Bravo” magazine, “Outra Coisa” (magazine by musician Lobão), “Laboratório Pop” (RJ), “Dynamite” (SP), “MTV Magazine”, among others. They also appeared on the most diverse lists of the best of the year across the country. In this context, at the time, these records and groups placed RN music in the national spotlight.

Os Poetas Elétricos, centered on the duo Carito Cavalcanti & Edu Gomez, is a sound traveler. Experimental music, poetry, rock… and the album features special appearances by Ana Paula Cadengue (voice in Cônico Clônico), Jorge Lima, Junior Primata, Michelle Régis, Rogério Pitomba and the unusual Zack Glass (son of Philip Glass); The power trio Bugs (Paolo Araújo, Joab Quenal and Denilton) in lo-fi approaches with a touch of garage rock flirts with a certain 60s/70s psychedelia; The Bonnies (Arthur, Thiago, Rafael and Olavo) are a total party, rock ‘n roll and rockabilly, a timeless portal rooted in the 1950s.

Scilla Gabel, coordinator of Mudernage, observes: “Listening to music, a habit that was previously on physical media such as Long Play (vinyl LP), K7 tape or Compact Disc (CD), several years ago became more popular in intangible formats such as MP3 and music streaming platforms.

RN music has a lot of history, but much of it is lost when these changes occur in popular ways of listening to music, and pre-existing works are not migrated to the new format.”

On Wednesday, at 8pm, the albums will premiere in 4k on YouTube, where fans and band members can chat and enjoy the songs.

On music platforms, the albums are now available (see links below) to be pre-saved.Fora do Mapa is a “PROJECT BENEFITED THROUGH PUBLIC SELECTION Nº 020/2023 – CULTURE INCENTIVE FUND – PRESERVATION, SUPPORT AND FOMENT OF CULTURE.”

April 3 premieres on Mudernage’s Youtube

8pm – Bugs:

9pm – The Bonnies:

10pm – The Electric Poets:

On Music Platforms

The Electric Poets:

The Bonnies:


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