Bahia closes the quarter with the best average attendance in the Northeast; see ranking

Bahia closes the quarter with the best average attendance in the Northeast; see ranking
Bahia closes the quarter with the best average attendance in the Northeast; see ranking

O Bahia closed the first quarter of 2024 with the best average attendance among the seven main clubs in the Northeast. The Steel Squadron took 27,964 paying guests to Arena Fonte Nova per game. In total, the club played 10 home matches.

Soon after, they appear Strength (23,227 payers per game), Holy Cross (21.119), Ceará (16,143), Victory (15,040) and Sport (10,899). O Nautical occupies the bottom of the list, with just 8,262 average attendance.

Tricolor also leads the ranking of total audience and income. More than 279 thousand people attended the Fonte this year, raising R$7.8 million.

The largest audience recorded by Bahia in 2024 it was in the classic against Vitória, on March 20th, valid for the 1st phase of the Copa do Nordeste. On the occasion, 48,184 paying people were present at Arena Fonte Nova.

Total audience

In addition to Bahia, the northeastern clubs that brought the most people to the stadiums in 2024 were Fortaleza (232.3 thousand), Vitória (150.4 thousand), Santa Cruz (147.8 thousand), Ceará (129.1 thousand) and Sport (119.8 thousand).

In this regard, Náutico also takes the lead. In total, 82.6 thousand paying people were present at the Timbu nos Aflitos games.


The highest income among the seven clubs participating in the survey, as stated above, comes from Bahia. Fortaleza (R$ 4 million), Sport (R$ 3.1 million), Vitória (R$ 2.2 million), Santa Cruz (R$ 1.7 million) and Náutico (R$ 1.3 million) occupy the following positions.

Therefore, Ceará is the last place in this regard. The black and white collection in 2024 was R$810.8 thousand. This shows that the club adopts cheaper prices than rivals when selling tickets.

Important Considerations

It is necessary to consider some issues involving the survey. Sport, for example, played two matches without fans – against Murici-AL, in the Copa do Brasil, and Náutico, in the Copa do Nordeste. They were included in the bill.

Leão da Ilha is also the club with the most home games among those mentioned. There are 11 in total. Bahia, Vitória, Náutico and Fortaleza played 10 games each at home. Ceará, with 8, and Santa Cruz, with 7, were those who played the least at home.

In fact, 7 will be the total number of Santa’s home games in 2024, as the club does not have a calendar for the rest of the year. The only possibility for this to change is if Arruda’s Tricolor get a place in Series D of this year’s Brazilian Championship at the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD).

‘Stadium occupation’

It is also important to note that clubs that play in larger stadiums have the possibility of placing more people in the stadiums. Castelão, which hosts games in Ceará and Fortaleza, for example, has capacity for more than 63 thousand people. Aflitos, home of Náutico, can accommodate around 22,800, according to official data.

However, there are a series of issues that make an analysis based on “stadium occupancy” difficult. Ceará even hosted part of its games this year at Presidente Vargas, which has a capacity for 20 thousand people. Santa Cruz had Arruda with only the lower ring cleared by the Fire Department for most of the season.

Anyway, out of curiosity, the “stadium occupancy” ranking would look like this: Bahia (56%), Vitória (48.8%), Fortaleza (36.3%), Náutico (36.1%) , Santa Cruz (35.1%), Ceará (34.9%) and Sport (23.9%).

See the complete ranking

1) Bahia

  • Average audience: 27,964 payers
  • Total audience: 279,638 paying
  • Total income: R$ 7,814,341.00

2) Fortress

  • Average audience: 23,227 payers
  • Total audience: 232,273 paying
  • Total income: R$ 4,028,699.00

3) Santa Cruz

  • Average audience: 21,119 paying
  • Total audience: 147,831 paying
  • Total income: R$ R$ 1,755,295.00

4) Ceará

  • Average audience: 16,143 payers
  • Total audience: 129,143 paying
  • Total income: R$810,803.00

5) Victory

  • Average audience: 15,040 payers
  • Total audience: 150,397 paying
  • Total income: R$ 2,243,568.00

6) Sport

  • Average audience: 10,899 payers
  • Total audience: 119,889 paying
  • Total income: R$ 3,125,065.00

7) Nautical

  • Average audience: 8,262 payers
  • Total audience: 82,618 paying
  • Total income: R$ 1,337,652.00

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