Maritime treasures: discover the 70 islands off the coast of Rio


The coast of the city of Rio de Janeiro it houses not only its famous coastline, but also a little explored natural treasure: its 70 islands spread across the oceanic region and the bays of Guanabara and Sepetiba. Despite its historical and ecological importance, a large part of Rio’s population is unaware of the existence of this natural heritage.

These islands played a fundamental role in the history of colonization and occupation of the city, in addition to being essential for the preservation of several plant and animal species. For example, the Cagarras Archipelagotowards the beach of Ipanemais an important nesting ground for brown boobies, while the Marambaia Restingain Barra de Guaratibais the exclusive habitat of marambaia frogs.

At Guanabara’s Bay, its islands were the first territories occupied by Europeans, due to their strategic location to spot invaders arriving by sea. Several defensive forts were built on these islands during periods of dispute between the French and Portuguese.

However, over the centuries, many of these islands have undergone significant transformations due to human action. Some were completely flattened, urbanized and connected to the continent through landfills, while others ceased to exist due to landfilling for the construction of urban works. Even so, some islands emerged as a result of human interventions, as is the case with Fundão Island, formed from a landfill that joined several islets in the region. Today, many of these islands still preserve their natural beauty and offer unique opportunities for leisure and contact with nature.

Below is the complete list of the 70 islands off the coast of Rio, as organized by Pereira Passos Institute and integrated into the city’s official map:

Cagarras Islands

Frade, Rasa de Guaratiba, Palmas, Peças, Pontuda, Alfavaca, do Meio, Comprida, Ilhota Grande, Ilhota Pequena, Ilhota Filhote da Cagarra, Palmas, Cagarra, Redonda, Ilhota Redonda, Rasa and Cotunduba.

img 6028 1 Maritime treasures: discover the 70 islands off the coast of Rio
Guanabara’s Bay

Guanabara’s Bay:
Laje, Villegagnon, Fiscal, Cobras, Hoes, Santa Bárbara, Pompeba, Fundão, Governdor, Cambembe, Santa Rosa, Raimundo, Mãe Maria, d’Água, Seca, Manoéis de Dentro, Rasa, Mestre Rodrigues, Palmas, Aroeiras, Milho, Rigid, Viraponga, Nhamquetá, Boqueirão, Tipiti-Açu, Manguinho, Comprida, Redonda, Pita, Ferro, Casa de Pedra, Braço Forte, Jurubaíba, Tapuamas de Fora, Tapuamas de Dentro, Itapacis, Paquetá, Folhas, Brocoió, Lobos, Pancaraíba .

img 6027 2 1 Maritime treasures: discover the 70 islands off the coast of Rio
Sepetiba Bay

Sepetiba Bay:
Vultures, Fishing, Armadillo, Guaraqueçaba, Vulture, Cavado, Nova, Bom Jardim, Whales, Suruquai, Capão.


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