During the weekend, 31 people are arrested in Amazonas

During the weekend, 31 people are arrested in Amazonas
During the weekend, 31 people are arrested in Amazonas

Thirty-one people were arrested and three teenagers were apprehended by the Amazonas Security Forces, during actions between Friday (29/03) and Sunday (31/03). In addition to those arrested, the military seized weapons and drugs in the capital and interior of the state.

In the Santo Antônio neighborhood, west of Manaus, police officers from the 5th Community Interactive Company (Cicom) arrested three men for drug trafficking, on Raul de Azevedo Street. Two portions of oxy stone and a precision scale were seized from the trio. The men were taken to the 19th Integrated Police District (DIP).

On Saturday (30/03), police officers from Rondas Ostensivas Cândido Mariano (Rocam) arrested a man, 18, for illegal possession of a firearm, in the Mauazinho neighborhood, east zone. After an approach, on Santa Luzia Street, the agents seized a G2C pistol, a 38 caliber revolver and two chargers.

The offender was sent to the 14th DIP and will be charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

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Rocam Motos police officers arrested a man, 22, and apprehended a teenager, 17, in the early hours of Friday (29/03), on Avenida Torquato Tapajós, in the center-south area of ​​the capital. The crime was recorded after the pair carried out a robbery in a minibus on the avenue.

Upon suspicion, the police carried out an approach and the offenders confessed to the crime. Five cell phones were seized from them. The men were taken to the 6th DIP.


Following an anonymous complaint, a man was arrested by military police officers in the municipality of Iranduba (27 kilometers from Manaus) for domestic violence. According to the report, the offender was attacking his partner, in the São Francisco neighborhood. He was arrested red handed and taken to the 31st DIP.

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