Acre has a balance of 853 formal jobs in February


In February 2024, Acre recorded a positive balance of 853 formal vacancies, resulting in 4,798 admissions and 3,945 dismissals. The North region recorded significant growth between the months of January and February: a jump from 3,653 to 17,062 in the number of formal jobs created, taking into account the seven states.

Data from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed People (Novo Caged) were released this Wednesday, March 27, by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE). In the state, the result was positive in three of the five large economic groups evaluated.

The highlight in Acre was the Services area, which accounted practically alone for the positive result and ended the month with a balance of 827 vacancies created. The Construction and Commerce sectors had a positive balance of 35 vacancies each. But the Agriculture (-12) and Industry (-32) sectors recorded a drop in February.

In the division by municipalities, Rio Branco had the highest balance of the period. There were 561 new jobs with a formal contract, which increased the number of formalized people in the capital to more than 73 thousand. Following the cities with the highest balance are Sena Madureira (+317), Plácido de Castro (+57), Brasiléia (+23) and Acrelândia (+8).

In the state, the majority of new jobs were occupied by women (+618). People with complete secondary education were the main beneficiaries (+420) with vacancies in Acre. Young people between 18 and 24 years old are also the group with the highest vacancy balance: +331.

NATIONAL — In February 2024, Brazil recorded a strong expansion of the formal job market compared to January. In the second month of the year, 306,111 jobs were created with a formal contract. With the numbers recorded in January and February, Brazil accumulates almost half a million new formal job vacancies and reaches a balance of 474,614 jobs created.

The February result is the result of the difference between the total of 2.24 million people admitted and 1.94 million dismissals across the country. In relation to the total number of employed people in the country, Brazil has almost 46 million formal jobs, an increase of 1.04% compared to February last year.

In the month, all five major groups of economic activities recorded positive numbers. Highlight for the Services sector, which accounted for the creation of 193 thousand jobs. Next come Industry (+54.4 thousand), Construction (+35 thousand), Commerce (+19.7 thousand) and Agriculture (+3.7 thousand).

Infographic 1 | Detailed information from February 2024, consolidated by Novo Caged / Source: MTE

ACCUMULATED IN THE YEAR – When the months of January and February were added together, four of the five major groups of sectors of the economy recorded positive balances. The greatest growth in formal employment occurred in the Services sector, with 268.9 thousand new jobs (56.7%), with emphasis on activities in public administration, defense, social security, education, human health and social services (121.2 thousand) and for information, communication and financial, real estate, professional and administrative activities (93.5 thousand).

Industry had a balance of 120 thousand jobs, with emphasis on the manufacture of food products (+12.7 thousand) and the manufacture of motor vehicles (+9.9 thousand); Construction generated 81.7 thousand new jobs and Agriculture closed the period with a balance of 25.7 thousand. Despite the recovery in February, the Commerce sector still recorded a drop in the period (-21.8 thousand).

STATES – São Paulo led the ranking of the 24 Federation units whose balance of formal jobs created was positive in February. The state registered 101,163 new jobs with a formal contract, with emphasis on the Services sector, which opened 67,750 vacancies. Minas Gerais, with 35.9 thousand, and Paraná, with 33 thousand, complete the trio of states with the highest balance in the month. February was a month with a drop for the states of Paraíba (-9), Maranhão (-1.2 thousand) and Alagoas (-2.8 thousand).

In the Federation units, the largest balance was recorded in São Paulo, which added almost 137.5 thousand new jobs in the first two months of the year. Santa Catarina, with a balance of 52.1 thousand, and Paraná (+52 thousand) complete the list of the three states that opened the most vacancies in the two months.

SALARY – The real average salary for admission in February was R$ 2,082.79, with a decrease of (- 2.4%) compared to the January value (R$ 2,133.21). Compared to the same month of the previous year, which discounts changes resulting from the month’s seasonality, the real gain was R$28.29 (+1.4%).

POPULATION DATA – In terms of population characteristics, 159.1 thousand jobs created in February were occupied by female workers, while 146.9 thousand were filled by male workers.

The largest generation occurred for young people between 18 and 24 years old (+137.4 thousand jobs), with the balance in the month being positive for browns, with 230 thousand new vacancies; whites (+172.8 thousand); black (+44.2 thousand); yellow (+5.4 thousand) and indigenous (+2.9 thousand).

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