find out who can renegotiate the debt

find out who can renegotiate the debt
find out who can renegotiate the debt

Family farmers, medium-sized producers and other rural producers whose income has been affected by climate problems or difficulties in marketing due to the reduction in market prices, will be able to renegotiate the installments related to the rural credit of investment. The deadline for formalizing the renegotiation is May 31, 2024.

Resolution No. 5,123/20240, of the National Monetary Council, was approved last Thursday (28) and published this Monday (1st) in the Official Gazette of the Union. The measure amends the Rural Credit Manual (MCR) and authorizes renegotiation of up to 100% of the principal of installments – due or falling due in the period from January 2nd to December 30th, 2024 – that are in good standing until December 30th, 2023.

To carry out the renegotiation, the operations must necessarily be linked to one of the following productive activities, as long as the enterprise is located in the respective units of the federation:

  • production of Soy corn It is beef cattle farming in Goiás It is Mato Grosso;
  • meat and dairy farming in Minas Gerais;
  • production of soy, corn and dairy farming in São Pauloat the Paranáat the Rio Grande do Sul is at Santa Catarina;
  • production of beef cattle in Rondôniain Roraimaat the Forat the Acreat the Amapáat the Amazon and in Tocantins;
  • production of soy, corn It is dairy and meat cattle farming in Mato Grosso do Sul; It is
  • livestock in milk at the Holy Spirit and in Rio de Janeiro.

Rural producers who have rural credit operations with installments scheduled for payment in 2024 referring to products, activities and regions not covered under the terms of the resolution may request renegotiation in special cases, if they have difficulties in making the payment due to the situations described in Publication.

However, the text of the resolution informs that those interested in the negotiation must pay, at least, the amount referring to the financial charges contractually foreseen for the year 2024, particularly the charges for the installments due due date until the date of formalization of the renegotiation. After formalization, the contractual charges relating to the remaining installments of the year must be paid by the respective due dates.

The installments whose renegotiation was authorized are those related to rural credit operations contracted with resources controlled by constitutional regional financing funds, the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture (Pronaf), the National Support Program for Medium Rural Producers (Pronamp), of Programs with resources from BNDES, in addition to those contracted with resources from other sources by the National Treasury.

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