Public cemetery is destroyed after rain and river overflow in the interior of RN | large northern river

Public cemetery is destroyed after rain and river overflow in the interior of RN | large northern river
Public cemetery is destroyed after rain and river overflow in the interior of RN | large northern river

Cemetery is destroyed by rain and river overflow in RN

A public cemetery in the city of Pedra Preta, in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte, was destroyed after a river overflowed this Sunday (31). The cemetery is in a community called Salgadinho (see video).

This Monday (1st), the city council of Pedra Preta issued a note in which it expressed solidarity with the families “who have their loved ones buried in the Public Cemetery of our community of Salgadinho”.

According to the municipality, part of the cemetery structure was collapsed due to the current.

“We also emphasize to the population that, as soon as the rainy season ends and as soon as possible, the cemetery will have its structure completely redone,” he said in a statement.

In the images that circulated on social media, it is possible to see a large amount of mud in the cemetery, as well as crooked tombs and out of place crosses.

1 of 1 Tombs were damaged with rain and river overflow — Photo: Reproduction
Tombs were damaged by rain and river overflow — Photo: Reproduction

Three damaged roads

At least three roads were damaged and closed after the rain that fell over the weekend in the state:

  • BR-304 was closed in both directions near the city of Lajes after the Ponta da Serra river overflowed and destroyed the bridge on the road (see alternative routes);
  • the RN-041 was closed in both directions after the flood of the São Miguel River, which destroyed part of the bridge in the city of Santana do Matos;
  • the PRF also closed one side of the BR-405 lane in Apodi, after erosion at the base of the lane. In this section, traffic flows along one of the lanes.

Death of man and dog, and rescue of islanders

The RN government mobilized the Integrated Management Office and the Permanent Rain Monitoring Committee to provide assistance and support to municipalities affected by rainfall in RN.

According to the State Civil Defense, at least 20 incidents were recorded in the state over the weekend, and at least 30 cities reported damage to neighboring roads, resulting in the temporary suspension of the water truck operation carried out by the Army.

The Water Resources Secretariat monitors the state’s water reservoirs.

See recorded occurrences:

  • Ipanguaçu: Pataxó reservoir spilling water with a 35 cm depth. State Civil Defense, Semarh and Igarn monitor the region. The bleeding from the reservoir left some families isolated, in need of access to supplies.
  • San Rafael: Part of a residence collapsed, but there were no casualties;
  • Florânia: Two people went to cross the Açude Novo blood flow on a motorcycle and were carried away by the current, one victim died, and another was injured;
  • Baraúna: flooding points mapped by Civil Defense;
  • Bento Fernandes: Bleeding from the Espinheiro River caused flooding in some plantations with little damage to subsistence agriculture;
  • Holy Cross: Registration of seven isolated adults and four children; rescue already carried out by the Military Fire Department;
  • New Corrals: Bleeding from the Dourado dam and increase in the São Bento river. Population at risk of flooding, under monitoring by the RN Civil Defense and Fire Department;
  • Tibau do Sul: Mass Movement on the cliffs and flooding points on roads, at Pipa beach;
  • Macaíba: Flooding points already mapped by the Municipal Civil Defense, without damage or losses;
  • Extreme: Points of occasional flooding already mapped by the Municipal Civil Defense; problems in two catchment ponds with teams already carrying out maintenance; without damage and losses;
  • Apodi: Houses were flooded and, for safety, people had to be evacuated and taken to the homes of friends and relatives;
  • Caicó: Collapse of a storm drain that passes beneath a residence; property without residents was closed until services were carried out;
  • Mossoró: Flooding points in areas already mapped by the Municipal Civil Defense, and flooding of residences in the Quixaba settlement;
  • Christmas: Opening of a crater in the Potengi neighborhood, occasional flooding on Avenida 4, in Alecrim, and monitoring of points mapped by the Municipal Civil Defense;
  • João Camara: Flooding point in front of Caixa Econômica Federal without damage or losses.
  • Saint Raphael: Structural collapse of a residence.
  • BR-304: Section in Lajes and Mossoró with severe flooding; stretch of Lajes as a result of a dam collapse and the flood of the river that passes under the bridge. Signposted and off-limits highway;
  • Upanema: Some flooding points in the city and the Umari dam (third largest source in the State) are on the verge of bleeding;
  • Riachuelo: Two dams broke and, probably, may have contributed to the rise in the level of the Salgado river, in Lajes;

The RN Water and Sewage Company also suspended water supply to at least 10 locations in the region.

“Angicos, Fernando Pedroza, Pedro Avelino, Lajes, Pedra Preta, Caiçara do Rio do Vento, Jardim de Angicos, Riachuelo, [a comunidade de] Cachoeira do Sapo and the rural area of ​​Santana do Matos should have their supply suspended. The deadline for the system’s return will be announced later, as it depends on weather and work conditions encountered by the team in the field”, informed the company.

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