MobilizaTeaPE holds 3rd Pernambuco Walk for Autism Awareness | Latest:

MobilizaTeaPE holds 3rd Pernambuco Walk for Autism Awareness | Latest:
MobilizaTeaPE holds 3rd Pernambuco Walk for Autism Awareness | Latest:
Walk will mark the fight for autism awareness (Photo: Disclosure)

MobilizaTeaPE promotes the 3rd Pernambuco Walk for Autism Awareness.

The theme will be “The best gift is to be present”.

The event takes place on Saturday (6), at Praia de Boa Viagem, in the South Zone of Recife, from 2:30 pm, with a concentration in the Third Garden.

The idea is to raise awareness in society about the importance of social inclusion of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Creator and general coordinator of MobilizaTeaPE, Polly Fittipaldi highlights the importance of everyone’s participation in the walk, which is an opportunity to learn more about autism and understand the need for social inclusion of these people.

“The union of all families and friends of autistic people is essential to demonstrate to Pernambuco society that awareness about ASD is urgent”, he warned.

“The 3rd Pernambuco Walk for autism awareness is an opportunity for society to demonstrate its solidarity and commitment to such an important and necessary cause. Everyone is invited to participate and contribute to the social inclusion of people with ASD”, invited the coordinator of the MobilizaTeaPE.

Gaining visibility for the cause, according to child psychologist and director of Grupo Ampliar, Rodrigo Nery, is one of the main keys to the fight to guarantee the rights of this population.

“It is important to give a voice and visibility to autistic people and their families. We, health professionals, must be together in this fight”, said the psychologist, who also drew attention to the importance of care networks that target parents, guardians and professionals linked to the cause.

ASD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, a condition that affects communication, social interaction and behavior. MobilizaTeaPE has already led mobilizations in favor of autistic people, taking as a starting point the fight for the autism IAC at TJPE.

The group is respected for its transparency and representativeness and is part of the National Mobilization for the Rights of People with Physical and Intellectual Disabilities; fighting for the ANS Exemplary Role Law, sending one of its coordinators to negotiate with the National Congress.


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