RJ: event remembers victims of repression in front of the headquarters of the former Dops


To mark 60 years since the military coup and reaffirm the commitment to memory, truth and justice, several organizations, political parties, social movements and civil society entities came together this Monday (1st) in an event in memory of the victims dictatorship and in defense of democracy in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

Under the slogan No amnesty for the coup plotters of 1964 and January 8!, the organizers of the act reinforced the need to hold agents who committed crimes against humanity during the authoritarian regime accountable. Other demands are the immediate reinstallation of the Special Commission on Political Deaths and Disappearances and the transformation of the building of the former Department of Political and Social Order (Dops) into a space of memory, as a way of preserving history and alerting future generations about the horrors from past.

At the event, there was a gathering at the old Dops building, an emblematic site of political repression during the dictatorship period, and a walk to the National Faculty of Law, at Rua Moncorvo Filho, n⁰ 8, center.

“When memory is recovered and it is shown what the dictatorship was, the barbarities it committed, everything it restricted from freedom, everything it excluded, killed and tortured, the possibility arises of generating a more solidly democratic consciousness. We need to tell the new generations what that was so that they resist any attempt at a setback like this”, stated deputy Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ).

Jandira highlighted that the act was a tribute to those who fought for society. “We are here today, it is not by chance. Because there were those who fought, those who died, those who resisted. It is a tribute to these people and their families, who want to mourn in peace and have not yet been able to, because the State has not yet provided all the answers.”

Another objective of the event was to denounce the persistence of police violence and black genocide in the favelas. Protesters also demanded the opening of all dictatorship archives, especially military ones, as a way of guaranteeing access to truth and justice for victims and their families.

Member of the collegiate board of the Tortura Nunca Mais Group, Rafael Maul highlighted that the act was important for guaranteeing the memory of State violence and forms of resistance during the dictatorship. “The dictatorship improved several technologies of state violence that we have had since the slavery period in Brazil. This place [em] that we are [o Dops] It’s important for us to face it because it’s a political prison of the dictatorship.”

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