With expansion plan, Rei dos Salvados completes 1 year in Santa Catarina

With expansion plan, Rei dos Salvados completes 1 year in Santa Catarina
With expansion plan, Rei dos Salvados completes 1 year in Santa Catarina

Rei dos Salvados is celebrating its first year since its opening in Santa Catarina. An ambitious project, with the electronics outlet concept, the stores are always full of new products from the biggest brands on the market and quality products. The first cities in Santa Catarina to receive the Rei dos Salvados were Balneário Camboriú and Itajaí; During 2023, two other stores opened in Blumenau and Jaraguá do Sul. Belonging to the MiniPreço Group, based in Paraná, the expansion to the state of Santa Catarina was planned and has not yet ended. According to Beni Gelhorn, Commercial Director of Rei dos Salvados, the project is to reach more cities in 2024.

“We identified a public in the state of Santa Catarina that embraced our store concept very well in this first year. We have a lot of positive feedback and loyal customers in the region. With this, our expansion plan in Santa Catarina is not over yet, we are already expanding the brand and will reach new regions later this year”, said Gelhorn.

Balneário Camboriú and Itajaí

The group’s first two stores in the state of Santa Catarina sell products such as refrigerators, freezers and televisions. According to Diogo Colombo, Regional Manager of Rei dos Salvados in Santa Catarina, these products are successful as the store has already become a reference for the region’s public in these lines.


“Our analysis is that the public has already become loyal to the brand when purchasing refrigerators, freezers and televisions. Much of the demand here is directly for these product lines. The success is the result of a lot of work to consolidate the brand in the region this year”, said Colombo. In addition to the most popular products mentioned above, the chain sells a wide range of household appliances and small appliances.

Birthday Offers

Until the first week of April, stores in Balneário Camboriú and Itajaí have great offers to celebrate the one year anniversary. With a wide mix of products, you will find unmissable discounts on a variety of items. From large appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and TVs, to smaller ones, such as fans, air fryers, cell phones and much more, the store has products that meet all tastes and needs.

Blumenau and Jaraguá do Sul

During 2023, Rei dos Salvados arrived in two more cities in Santa Catarina. In July, the Blumenau store opened and soon won over the public with personalized and constructive service based on the concept of an electronics outlet store. Finally, in August the “youngest” store arrived in Jaraguá do Sul, in a privileged location in the city and with a varied mix of products designed for the region’s public.

King of the Salvaged Expansion

The positive results and the receptivity of the Santa Catarina public to the brand encourage the intensification of investments in expansion within the state. The first step was to open a distribution center in Araquari, a strategic location with road connections that facilitate the supply of all our stores in the region.

For the future, Gelhorn demonstrates excitement and optimism to consolidate itself in Santa Catarina, revealing a spoiler about the location of the next Rei dos Salvados store in the state.

“We are very excited about the results of the first year in Santa Catarina. This motivated us to expand to more cities. And news for the residents of Joinville: we will soon have a store there!” added Gelhorn.

King of the Rescued

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