Firefighters rescue a horse that fell into a ditch in a city in West Bahia


A horse fell into a ditch, this Monday morning (1), in Povoado Conquista, in Barreiras, in the west of Bahia.

The Fire Department of the 17th Military Fire Brigade of Barreiras was called to rescue the animal.

According to the Fire Department, the horse belongs to a child, little Diogo, whose age was not given.

Photo: Fire Department

The firefighters used specialized techniques to rescue the animal in trouble, including the support of a backhoe to ensure the safety of the operation.

You can see in the images that there is a lot of tall grass in the area, making it impossible for people to see the pit as well.

Furthermore, the circumstances of the accident were not informed, whether the pit was open at the time of the fall or whether the lid gave way under the weight of the animal.

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Photo: Fire Department

The weight of a common horse like this can vary between 400 and 600 kg.

After coordinated work, the animal was removed from the site unharmed. A relief for the owner, who expressed gratitude to the firefighters for responding to the emergency call.

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