Procon-TO has a platform for blocking telemarketing calls

Procon-TO has a platform for blocking telemarketing calls
Procon-TO has a platform for blocking telemarketing calls

With the advancement of technology, telemarketing calls have become a common practice in consumers’ everyday lives. However, it is essential that consumers’ rights are respected and that measures are taken to ensure that they are not the target of abusive or inconvenient practices by companies. The Consumer Protection Code (CDC) establishes a series of guidelines and protections for consumers in relation to telemarketing calls.

Procon Tocantins provides consumers with a platform to block receiving these calls. The state platform is available on the website to register to block receiving telemarketing calls. State Law No. 3,377/2018 guarantees that consumers register up to three telephone numbers to block unwanted calls within the State of Tocantins.

To request the block, the consumer needs to access the Procon Tocantins website through this and provide some personal information, such as name, ID, CPF, address, email and telephone numbers to be registered.

Companies have a period of 30 days after the consumer registers to stop making calls to registered numbers.

Users who receive calls after 30 days from the date of registration must register a case with Procon Tocantins, informing the day, time of the call, name of the company and, if possible, the name of the attendant so that appropriate measures can be taken to resolve the issue. compliance with the device.

In case of non-compliance with the law, a fine of R$10,000 per call may be imposed on the company.

Since June 9, 2022, companies that carry out active telemarketing activities must use the numbering code 0303. (ACT No. 10413, OF NOVEMBER 24, 2021 of ANATEL).

“Telemarketing calls can be a legitimate communication tool between companies and consumers, as long as they are carried out in accordance with the standards established by the CDC and respecting the rights and privacy of consumers”, highlights Rafael Pereira Parente, superintendent of Procon Tocantins.

Consumer rights

Right to Privacy: The consumer has the right not to be disturbed by telemarketing calls without their prior consent.

Opt-Out: Companies are obliged to respect the consumer’s wish not to receive telemarketing calls. Once the consumer requests cancellation, the company must immediately cease calls.

Company Identification: Companies are required to identify themselves at the beginning of the call, stating the name of the company and the reason for the call.

Clear Information: All information provided during the call must be clear, accurate and understandable to the consumer.

Respect for Schedules: Telemarketing calls must be made at reasonable times, respecting the consumer’s privacy and rest.

Prohibition of Abusive Practices: The CDC prohibits abusive practices, such as undue pressure, embarrassment, threats or any form of coercion to make a purchase.

The inspection director also advises that, “If the consumer is the target of abusive practices, excessive calls or other violations of consumer rights, it is important to file a complaint with Procon Tocantins. This helps monitor and monitor compliance with consumer protection laws”, says the manager.

In case of complaints, the consumer should contact us via Dial 151, or via Whats Complaint at (63) 99216-6840.

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