Thiago Carpini and admiration for Argentine football, rival in the Libertadores

Thiago Carpini and admiration for Argentine football, rival in the Libertadores
Thiago Carpini and admiration for Argentine football, rival in the Libertadores

In the first match of his career in charge of a team for Liberators cup, Thiago Carpini faces a school that is part of his base as a coach. This Thursday (4), at 9pm (Brasília time), the commander is responsible for fielding the São Paulo, who face Talleres, in Córdoba, at the Mario Kempes stadium. More than a game, it represents the moment in which the professional faces Argentine football, which is part of his base as a coach, for the first time in his career.

Thiago Carpini, even when his profession was being a football player at Guarani, in 2015, he began studying physical education at Unip, in Campinas in the interior of São Paulo. He combined training with face-to-face classes, due to the ease of living close to the place of study.

Shortly after, when he hung up his boots at Caldense, in 2017, Thiago Carpini graduated and started to take his coaching license at the CBF, diving once and for all into his desire to be a coach.

At this moment, coach Evaristo Piza emerges as the driver of the transition from playing life to the technical area. Carpini was invited to be his assistant at XV de Piracicaba, in a campaign where he hit the post to gain access to Série A1 of the Campeonato Paulista.

Then, the duo went to Botafogo-PB and finished runner-up in the Copa do Nordeste, losing to coach Rogério Ceni’s Fortaleza, in 2019.

At this stage, Carpini began studying to obtain his coaching license in Argentina. However, an invitation from Guarani appeared halfway. He would become the assistant coach of the house in the same season after being vice-president at Nordestão.

The plan wasn’t to actually become a coach yet. But, in crisis, Bugre turned to the then-manufacturing coach to take command of a team 11 points away from leaving the 2019 Series B relegation zone. Carpini was successful in his mission and saved the team from falling.

Success at Água Santa and studies in Argentina

Years later, in 2023, Thiago Carpini began the work that made him nationally known by taking Água Santa to the final of the Campeonato Paulista. It was shortly after falling in the decision for Palmeiras that he returned to Argentine football as the best coach of Paulistão in 2023.

The then promising commander left for the capital Buenos Aires to complete his license from the Argentine Football Coaches Association (ATFA) and then visited clubs such as River Plate and San Lorenzo, in addition to watching games.

What delights Carpini about Argentine football? The competitiveness, the fact that the teams always fight on the field. Something that he will need to take from São Paulo in front of the source that fed him, in the duel against Talleres, after an early elimination in the Campeonato Paulista with demands from the tricolor fans.

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