Brazilian lived in a hotel in New York for 5 years, put the building in his name and now faces arrest

Brazilian lived in a hotel in New York for 5 years, put the building in his name and now faces arrest
Brazilian lived in a hotel in New York for 5 years, put the building in his name and now faces arrest

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Brazilian Mickey Barreto has attracted attention in both Brazil and the United States after spending five years staying in a hotel room without paying anything, and still managing to transfer the entire property into his name due to a New York City rental law. The dispute with the New Yorker Hotel was taken to court, and Barreto was arrested on fraud charges.

“I am Mickey Ibrahim Muniz Barreto. I hold the position of Christopher Columbus the Second, Admiral of the Seas, Oceans, and I am also the leader of the Brazilian indigenous tribe called ‘The Beautiful Nation of the Sun and the Moon’,” he told the program Fantastic, from TV Globo.

The Brazilian, whose real name is Marcos Aurélio Canuto Muniz Barreto, managed to find a loophole in an old law and take advantage of it. According to the newspaper The New York Times, it all started in June 2018, when Barreto and her boyfriend, Matthew Hannan, checked in at the New Yorker Hotel, located on Eighth Avenue, for a one-night stay, paying approximately R$1,000 per night. From that moment on, he never left the place again until recently, when he received an eviction notice.

1960 Act

He and Matthew began investigating a little-known New York state law to determine whether the New Yorker Hotel fell under that law. Under the law, hotels built before 1969 that had rooms rented for less than R$440 per week until May 1968 could allow a guest to become a permanent resident through discounted rent. Once someone became a resident, the guest would have access to the hotel’s services.

Since then, a legal dispute began. Despite the hotel’s resistance, Barreto emerged victorious in the dispute and began living at the New Yorker. In addition to not paying the payments for the stays, Mickey Barreto wrote a deed and managed to register the hotel in his name, arguing that a judge granted him ownership of the establishment.

Only last year, the hotel obtained the right to evict the Brazilian in court. Mickey Barreto then moved in with his boyfriend. Now, he awaits the case in freedom.

Born in Rio Grande do Sul

Mickey Barreto, 49 years old, is from Uruguaiana, a city located on the western border of Rio Grande do Sul that borders the city of Libres, in Argentina, and since 1990, the Brazilian has lived in the USA.

He spent much of his time in the United States, living in California before moving to New York, and since 2018, resided at the New Yorker, where he spent much of his time, researching his family’s genealogy, claiming to be descended from Christopher Columbus.

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