Sema makes a collection of videos available

Sema makes a collection of videos available
Sema makes a collection of videos available

The State Secretariat for the Environment of Mato Grosso (Sema) made available on its YouTube channel a video collection which provide an overview of water resources management in the State of Mato Grosso.

The topics covered in the videos serve various audiences, such as students, teachers, committee and board members, as well as water users. The productions were prepared by the Water Resources Superintendence, which is the water management body in Mato Grosso.

There are ten explanatory videos that aim to bring citizens closer to the actions carried out by Sema, providing greater knowledge about the Water Resources Policy and its instruments.

The material also aims to contribute to participatory management through the dissemination of collegiate bodies, which are the State Water Resources Council and River Basin Committees, whose participation by society is of fundamental importance.

Sema’s Water Resources Superintendent, Luiz Noquelli, explains that the objective of the institutional videos is to bring information about how Sema coordinates water management in Mato Grosso and also the State Water Resources Policy, its instruments and form of action, in addition to of the Dam Safety Policy.

“The videos show the components of the State System: Sema as the Coordinating Body/Manager of Water Resources, CEHIDRO as a State Collegiate Body and the Basin Committees, also Collegiate Bodies, but within their area of ​​coverage. Another important point concerns qualitative and quantitative monitoring, the granting of rights of use, planning, framing, basin plans. Finally, an overview of the activities under the jurisdiction of the Water Resources Superintendence”, highlights Noquelli.

The themes of the videos are:

Surface Water Grant

Groundwater Grant

Water Resource Plans

Water Resources Policy

State Water Resources Council – CEHIDRO

Hydrographic Basin Committees – CBHs

Situation Room for Forecasting Critical Hydrological Events

Dam Safety

Water Quality Monitoring

Classification of Water Bodies into Quality Classes

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