HBDF cancer patients receive Easter surprise


“And if life becomes a bar, let it be chocolate.” It was with this motto that the multidisciplinary oncology team at Hospital de Base developed an action to brighten Easter for patients undergoing treatment last Friday (29).

HBDF cancer patients were surprised with a delivery of chocolates on Friday (29 | Photos: Davidyson Damasceno/IgesDF

All professionals in the area, including nurses, nursing technicians, doctors, residents, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, social workers, nutritionists, speech therapists and administrative assistants, donated chocolate bars to be delivered to patients.

Hospitalized patients with dietary restrictions received EVA bunnies

For those hospitalized with some type of dietary restriction or who use a device, the team took turns making EVA bunnies with a message about Easter, thus practicing the inclusion of all patients in the action.

Patients undergoing treatment have been diagnosed with cancer and receive care in the ward. With appropriate medication management, their symptoms are relieved without being deprived of the presence of their family members.

The entire illness and treatment process is very painful and painful. That’s where the idea for the action’s slogan came from, according to the team.

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