Young heifers with fat finishing on point have a guaranteed bonus in DM


Guys who get their hands dirty (or rather, on the land) and make it happen every day on farms throughout Brazil, today, the Giro do Boi, tell you about a feat coming from Mato Grosso do Sul that is making it clear why care and dedication in livestock farming make all the difference. A story of quality and extra money in your pocket, watch the video of this batch of heifers.

On Monday, April 1st, “Giro pelo Brasil” had the pleasure of highlighting the work of Fazenda Meio Século, in Itaquiraí, MS, led by cattle rancher Nelson Tutida, under the supervision of manager Omélio.

Ricardo Nantes, from Friboi in Nova Andradina, MS, was impressed with what he saw and was keen to share a batch of 200 early, heavy and very well finished heifers, cattle that were no joke.

What if I told you that each of these heifers had an average carcass weight of 237.30 kg, translating even more directly: 15.8 arrobas each? And look, the “oldest” one only had 2 teeth.

Ideal finishing heifer

That’s music to your ears, right? And there’s more, because physical beauty also counts at the time of slaughter: these girls presented a 3+ fat finish, which is the measurement that the people at the slaughterhouse smile when they see them. But what’s really making people talk is the guaranteed bonus they received, thanks to the Precoce MS program.

The heifers earned Nelson and his team an extra R$5.64 per arroba – totaling R$89.15 per head. If that’s not a great incentive to improve quality, I don’t know what is!

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This story of Fazenda Meio Século and Ricardo Nantes is here to remind all of us, who live off the land and cattle, that attention to detail, care with food and management, as well as a close look at incentive programs , can really make the difference between an ordinary batch and an exceptional batch.

So, if you are looking for inspiration to further improve the quality of your cattle and guarantee that bonus at the end, the feat at Fazenda Meio Século in Itaquiraí, MS, is a great start.

Let’s follow suit and keep working hard, because success, my friends, is made up of small, big choices every day!

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