Mitidieri government fights over unemployment figures


Still unable to make its promise of generating thousands of formal jobs a reality, the Mitidieri government struggles with the unemployment figures prevailing in the state. The announcement made by the Ministry of Labor’s Novo Caged showing that Sergipe was the state in the Northeast that generated the least jobs last February did not please the Executive. Soon, the official communication was quick to propagate that “Sergipe was proportionally the one that generated the most formal jobs among the states in the Northeast”. In other words, the word “proportionally” was the solution found by the government to contest the real numbers of Novo Caged. Before fighting with the naked reality, the government should reevaluate its policy aimed at oxygenating the job market. As long as it continues to focus primarily on parties, the Executive will continue to generate underemployment which, for the most part, disappears with the end of the very expensive events, funded by taxpayers. In fact, state deputy Georgeo Passos (Citizenship) is correct when he states that “the multiplication of commission positions is the Fábio Mitidieri government’s biggest job creation program”. Compassion!

Sergipe forgotten

A report published on the CNN Brasil TV network website sets out “the main June festivals already confirmed” for this year. The interesting fact is that Sergipe is not mentioned. The festivities in Caruaru (PE), Campina Grande (PB), Votorantim (SP), Parque Ibirapuera (SP) and São Luís (MA) appear prominently in the article. It should be noted that the Mitidieri government has already announced our June program, promoting that Sergipe will have the liveliest celebrations in Brazil. Apparently, publicity for the event in Sergipe has not yet begun outside the state. Marminino!

Blow out candles

The Court of Auditors of Sergipe completed 54 years on the 30th. In this more than half a century, the TCE has functioned more as a political screen than as an auxiliary technical body of the Assembly. There, almost all advisors have heirs with legislative mandates, while many politicians employ family members in well-paid commissioned positions. Nothing big for an institution born from a move by former governor Lourival Baptista. Rumor has it that the politician created the TCE to place vice Manoel Cabral Machado in the presidency, who he did not want as his replacement in the government. Crendeuspai!

Bad on the tape

Sergipe is among the worst states in Brazil when it comes to quality education. A report written by Rafael Vazquez in Valor Econômico shows that, on a scale of zero to 10, education in Sergipe only scored 4.6. Taking as a basis the Brazilian Education Opportunities Index (Ioeb), prepared by Roda Educativa, the São Paulo newspaper reveals that only Tocantins (4.6), Acre (4.5), Rio Grande do Norte (4. 5), Pará (4.3), Amapá (4.2) and Maranhão (4.2). Damn!

Lining the belly

The Buraqueiro restaurant, adjacent to the public market in the Augusto Franco complex, has been very popular with politicians, communicators and campaigners. Everyone goes there to enjoy a tasty and well-nourished northeastern breakfast. Politicians also take the opportunity to measure popularity among merchants and consumers. Yesterday, who was among Buraqueiro’s clientele was the state president of Solidariedade, Valadares Filho, who is an advisor to Márcio Macêdo (PT), minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. All right then!

Political bullshit

Have you noticed how politicians stopped talking about the promise to build the Xingó Canal, aiming to benefit the sertanejos of Sergipe with water? Proponents of the project should explain that to open the 300 kilometers of canals in Bahia and Sergipe, R$2.4 billion will be needed. In addition to there being no guaranteed resources for the work, there is no political will from the federal government to make such an investment in the semi-arid northeast. To give you an idea, the preliminary project for the first stage of the Xingó Canal alone was valued at R$6.8 million. Therefore, it’s all just idle talk to put you to sleep. Home vote!

15th anniversary party

The Carmópolis Municipal Department of Transport and Traffic is celebrating its 15th anniversary this Tuesday. To mark the passing of the date, the director of the DMTT, Wilton Torres, prepared a vast program, which includes an ecumenical service, a lecture and a tribute to the local authorities who contributed to improving traffic in that municipality in Sergipe. Oh good!

Portrait of misery

The number of Bolsa Família beneficiaries in Sergipe is greater than the number of workers with a formal contract. According to a report from the Poder 360º news website, there are 385,748 benefits paid by the federal government to needy families in the state, against 329,562 formal jobs. The article highlights that the survey excluded the public sector. This miserable situation seen in Sergipe is repeated in all other northeastern states. Only Jesus in the cause!

They forgot the mess

Does anyone know what the result of the internal audit carried out by the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic to investigate the mess of two advisors to Minister Márcio Macêdo (PT)? Did the duo waste public money to have fun in our Pre-Caju? When the bomb went off, the PT member promised to carry out an investigation into the mess of the assistants, but there was no further talk about the matter. Even the Bolsonarists in Congress forgot to summon Márcio Macêdo to explain the advisors’ misstep in the Aracaju carnival preview. Arre mare!

Strike never again

The Seminar “60 years of the 1964 military coup” begins today and continues until tomorrow. This Monday morning there will be a public event in the center of Aracaju in defense of democracy. In the afternoon and evening, a series of lectures will be held in the auditorium of the Teachers’ Association of the Federal University of Sergipe (Adufs). An event is scheduled for tomorrow at the UFS restaurant to discuss the memory of the coup and the torture that occurred in Brazil during the dark years of the military dictatorship. Participate!

Do not believe

This April 1st is considered April Fools’ Day. Wikipedia reveals that the date began to be disseminated in Minas Gerais, where the newspaper “A Mentira” was circulated. With an ephemeral life, the periodical was launched on April 1, 1828, with the news of Dom Pedro’s death, refuted the following day. “The Lie” came out for the last time on September 14, 1849, calling all creditors to a settlement of accounts on April 1 of the following year, giving a non-existent location as a reference. Will it be true? Ugh Maria!

Newspaper clipping

Published in the Aracajuan newspaper Folha de Sergipe, on January 23, 1908

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