Lewandowski questioned PF about the exposure of prisoners in the Marielle case


The Minister of Justice, Ricardo Lewandowski, was uncomfortable with the exposure given by the Federal Police to the arrests of police chief Rivaldo Barbosa and the brothers Domingos and Chiquinho Brazão, suspected of being the masterminds behind the death of councilwoman Marielle Franco (PSol).

The three were arrested in Rio de Janeiro, on Sunday (24/3), and taken to Brasília on a PF plane. In the federal capital, they disembarked on the runway, which allowed the moment to be recorded by the press. The Brazão brothers came down in handcuffs.


Rivaldo Barbosa arriving at PCDF headquarters for exams at IML
Breno Esaki/Metrópoles @BrenoEsakiFoto


The trio was detained in the Federal Prison of Brasília
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The PF plane with the three prisoners landed in Brasília at 3:52 pm
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Accused of having Marielle Franco killed arrive in Brasília
Accused of having Marielle Franco killed arrive in Brasília-0864

Moment when the accused begin to get off the PF plane
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Chiquinho Brazão arriving at the Civil Police headquarters in DF to take exams at the IML
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Upset by the exposure, Lewandowski sought out the general director of the PF, Andrei Rodrigues, last week. According to the column, the Minister of Justice asked why the trio did not disembark in a hangar at Brasília airport in a more discreet way.

Andrei, according to PF sources, responded to Lewandowski that the corporation’s aircraft had to stop on the runway at Brasília airport, as it could not fit inside a hangar. The prisoners were transported in an Embraer ERJ 170-200 model jet, with capacity for 87 people.

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