Documentary presented in Cannes brings the story of young people from Santa Rita received by Pope Francis at the Vatican


the documentary “Amazon. The Space of Life”scheduled for release in 2024, features dance teacher and choreographer Rodrigo Baima, based on his experiences with the Community Educational Training Center Sister Antonietta Defrancesco (CEFEC), an NGO founded in 2009 by the Congregation of the Sisters of Providência, in the city of Santa Rita, in Paraíba.

The film, directed by Lia Beltrami, was presented by the Italian director at the Gran Gala night at the Hotel Carlton, in the heart of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, in France, last week. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, Sônia Guajajara, and personalities involved in environmental causes, such as actor Leonardo Di Caprio and Italian singer Arisa.

During the event, a group of 20 young people from the outskirts of Marcos Moura, in Santa Rita, led by Rodrigo Baima, performed with a dance and capoeira show “Laudato si’. The Space of Life on Earth”which reflects on integral ecology, the defense of the Amazon and the culture and resistance of indigenous peoples, aspects that are also addressed in the film.

This Wednesday (24.05), young people from Paraíba presented the show to Pope Francis, during an audience at the Basilica of Saint Peter, in the Vatican. They delivered a headdress to the pontiff and also sang “Rap da Felicidade”, a Brazilian hit from the 90s that denounces the violence existing in favela spaces and socioeconomic vulnerability.

Francis also greeted the group during his speech: “I cordially greet the Portuguese-speaking faithful, especially the pilgrims from Bragança (Portugal) and Brasília, Rio Grande do Sul, Campo Magro, Divinópolis and Marcos Moura (Brazil). Dear brothers and sisters, it is the Lord who supports us in proclaiming the Gospel. I hope they can always feel the comfort of his Spirit, who rebuilds harmony between us and opens up new paths of evangelization for us. May Our Lady protect each one of you and your families.”

Before the Vatican and Cannes, the young people, who are on tour, took the presentation to São Paulo.

“Being there with the Pope, making that commitment, was very important for each boy and girl. And he even asked a question: ‘you’ve been there singing, jumping, dancing and playing capoeira for hours, don’t you get tired?’ And all the young people shouted: ‘nooooooo!’”, Rodrigo told Vatican News.

The first part of the documentary “Amazon , The Space of life” was recorded in the Amazon and in Marcos Moura, in Paraíba. The second part is being recorded during the show’s passage through the exterior.

The article is in Portuguese

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