Maintenance event brings together renowned industrialists

More than 150 professionals discussed lifting loads at a seminar in the metallurgy and electrical materials sector

by Amanda Amaral

Topics related to lifting loads, such as inspection of accessories, safety and professional training, were the highlights of the Capixaba Maintenance Seminar, which also featured the presentation of successful cases from Vale, ArcelorMittal, Suzano, Willift, Crosby and El Direct.

With the theme “Cargo Lifting in Industrial Maintenance”, the 5th edition of the event was held, this Friday (23), in Vitória, at the headquarters of the Metallurgical and Electrical Material Industries Union of the State of Espírito Santo (Sindifer ES ).

The main objective of the seminar was to encourage the exchange of information and disseminate best practices in knowledge and solutions aiming at improving quality, productivity, safety and cost rationalization in Maintenance and Asset Management, according to Sindifer.

Opening of the event

The seminar was attended by more than 150 professionals. The president of Sindifer-ES, Leonardo Cereza, opened the event by highlighting the importance of the topic for the entire industry and reviewing past editions.

Subsequently, the regional director of the National Service for Industrial Learning in Espírito Santo (Senai-ES) and superintendent of the Social Service for Industry in Espírito Santo (Sesi-ES), Cláudio Marcassa, stressed that new job openings are offered every day. by the industry, but for positions and functions that require qualification, and that Senai ES continues with strong performance and commitment to support the sector.


Parallel to the seminar, a space destined to the exhibition of products and services brought together stands of 11 brands that operate in the industrial segment. They are: LeCard; Capixaba Metal-Mechanical Development Center; Viferro; Crosby; Kito; Willift; Greenmac cranes; El Direct; GM Industrial; Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Espírito Santo; and Quality Solutions. performance.

Maintenance safety

Sindifer’s president, Leonardo Cereza, reviewed past editions. Photo: Disclosure / Sindifer

The first lecture was given by Willlift’s engineer and director, Wildson De Jesus, a specialist in lifting loads with more than 20 years of practice and experience in large projects. He presented an overview of lifting activities in maintenance and talked to the audience about the challenges in the activity, especially the failure in professional training, protocols and management.

The technical director of El Direct, Luciano Ferreira dos Santos, brought to the seminar a lecture with the theme “The Machines Speak”. Crosby’s technical-commercial manager, Johnny Forster, talked about how to ensure worker safety through the inspection of accessories when lifting loads, and warned: “the investment in adequate safety equipment is much less than the cost of a accident”.

In addition, the instructor and technical consultant of Willlift Engenharia de Içamentos, Kassio Rodrigo Tonassi, talked about how to guarantee the safety of the lifts through the pre-use inspection of the accessories. In addition, a debate on the topic was mediated by the director of GM Industrial, Rodrigo Marchesi, together with the speakers.

Large company cases

The Maintenance Seminar focused on the metallurgy and electrical materials sector. Photo: José Paulo Lacerda/CNI

The event also featured successful cases. Engineer Wildson de Jesus, as a consultant for Vale, spoke about the electromechanical dismantling of the CAL plant, carried out from February 2022 to August 2022.

Samarco’s Occupational Safety analyst, Ricardo Luiz da Costa Torres, on the company’s standards for controlling risks of lifting and moving loads.

Then, ArcelorMittal consultant Leonardo Roncetti shared information about complex lifts for the fourth Coque battery; and Suzano’s Centralized Maintenance coordinator, Walisson Cândido Nunes, shared with the participants how the cargo handling processes at Suzano Aracruz were updated.

With information from Sindifer-ES.

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