BBB24: Tadeu Schmidt surprises by sending a live message to Pitel after his sister complained about the presenter’s attitude; watch


BBB24: Tadeu Schmidt speaks out about the attitude that made Pitel think he was “invisible” in the reality show; watch (Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo)

Tadeu Schmidt spoke out this Tuesday (2) about his attitude on the “BBB 24” lightning wall, which made Giovanna Pitel feel “invisible”. At the time, the sister had placed the “Na Mira do Líder” wristband on Bia and Matteus. However, Alegrete was immunized and the only remaining option was the saleswoman. Therefore, the presenter did not give the floor to the woman from Alagoas to explain her choice to vote as leader.

Let’s form a wall! As Matteus became an Angel, he won immunity, escaping the leader’s sights. Therefore, as Pitel had put Matteus and Bia in his sights, for the first time this season, the leader has no option. Bia is already on the wall“, he explained. However, Pitel told his allies later that he did not like the situation: “I was made invisible. I had speech, I wanted to justify“.

After Pitel’s elimination from the reality show, Tadeu took advantage of the moment of farewell to comment on the misunderstanding. “Pitel, we just have to thank you for your participation”he began. “I thank you all, the entire team who I know must work hard to make this all happen”, said the woman from Alagoas.

“And here’s the thing: if someone at some point makes you invisible or anything like that, that person is very wrong. I have to apologize, okay? Thank you my dear”declared the presenter. Watch the full video below:

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