Pitel surprises with request for Lucas Henrique if she is eliminated

Pitel surprises with request for Lucas Henrique if she is eliminated
Pitel surprises with request for Lucas Henrique if she is eliminated

Facing BBB 24’s Paredão, Giovanna Pitel makes an unusual request to Lucas Henrique if she is eliminated from the reality show

During the early hours of this Tuesday, 2, Giovanna Pitel surprised by making an unusual request for Lucas Henrique. Amid the tension of the wall, she said that she wants to receive a special ‘tribute’ if she is eliminated from the reality show later: that he keeps his old bed untouchable and prohibits anyone from sleeping in it.

While making his bed, Pitel explained that he would leave it well covered and that he wouldn’t want anyone to lie in it: “If I leave, it’s not to lie in my bed, no“, she began. “I’ll see you there, it’s mourning“, the capoeirista joked, but the social worker insisted on formalizing the request: “I’m serious, no joke!”, shot.

You leave it covered forever in honor“, she asked again. “I’ll keep looking“, Pitel said he would be watching through the cameras, “It’s to keep it covered. I’ll leave it well padded before I leave”, the social worker detailed the plan. However, Lucas didn’t take it seriously and joked again: “It’s your problem“, he replied.

Finally, the physical education teacher and professional capoeirista said he was going to sleep in bed, but the social worker didn’t let it go: “It does not fit. I doubt it, it doesn’t fit”, he joked. Finally, she remembered her fellow confinement, with whom she spent much of the reality show lying in bed: “It’s to leave in honor of me and Fernanda“, he explained.

“I’m not asking for much, I’m just asking to block my bed”

I love you Pitel. I love you bbb24 pic.twitter.com/yIkeQks9xu

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With the elimination of Fernanda, Pitel fears his own departure from the reality show and, therefore, is already preparing himself. Currently, she is on the wall next to Alane It is Beatrice. The result will be announced live by Tadeu Schmidt this Tuesday, 2. Soon after elimination, the brothers will face the Leader’s Test and the formation of a new hot seat.

Fernanda talks about friendship with Pitel:

Fernanda was eliminated from BBB 24 with 57.09% of the votes after facing the wall against Beatriz and Giovanna. Outside the house, the confectioner spoke about her game, her friendship with Giovanna Pitel and also about never trusting Lucas Henrique, who became closer to her after interacting more with the social worker.

“Today, knowing everyone in the house, I know it would never have been different. There was no way I could have approached and connected with other people. It was always meant to be her. My relationship with Pitel has always been protective. Even though she was a girl much younger than me, she had such confident lines and knowledge far beyond her years.”, Fernanda praised her friend.

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