Doctor talks about the type of cancer Kate Middleton faces

Doctor talks about the type of cancer Kate Middleton faces
Doctor talks about the type of cancer Kate Middleton faces

Since the announcement of Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonwho is undergoing cancer treatment, the press and followers of the royal family continue to speculate about what type of cancer the royal family’s wife has. Prince William face.

Kate Middleton wrote her statement alone and didn’t want William by her side

Just as King Charles III did not reveal where his cancer is located, to avoid speculation, Middleton also did not go into detail, but explained that the disease was discovered, after his ‘major abdominal surgery’ last January.

Now an expert consulted by the American media TMZ, Dr. George Crawford, has given his opinion on what type of cancer Kate Middleton has.

Dr. George Crawford, a bariatric surgeon specializing in colon and minimally invasive procedures, shared his opinion based on his experience.

Queen Camilla surprises when talking about Kate Middleton’s health

According to the doctor, according to the symptoms presented by the princess, there are two possible types of cancer that match the physical appearance of the 42-year-old woman.

He first claimed that the princess discovered the cancer after surgery on her abdominal region, which, among other evidence, made him think that Kate Middleton may have one of these types of cancer: uterine or ovarian.

Before Middleton’s diagnosis, Crawford had suggested that the princess underwent a hysterectomy, that is, due to some complication or suspicion that she was already presenting, she underwent surgery to remove part or all of the uterus, via the abdominal route.

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At the time, Kensington Palace said it was not cancer.

Strong and Capable

The video that Kate Middleton made to announce that she is undergoing cancer treatment continues to be the subject of speculation. While some went so far as to claim that it was Artificial Intelligence, others questioned why Prince William was not with her to provide support.

Parents of the Princess of Wales, true anchors of her life

But in fact, they claim that Middleton decided to appear alone in the video, according to “The Times”.

Despite so many comments and criticisms because William did not sit next to the Princess of Wales for the announcement about his health, the publication assures that, according to people close to Kensington Palace, ‘Middleton does not need’ her husband’s support.

And it was the princess herself who wrote every sentence of her statement. William was with her when the video was recorded, but he respected her decision not to appear.

Kate Middleton’s brother says: ‘We will climb this mountain together’

Strength and faith

Now the tabloid has revealed the real reason behind this important decision to appear unaccompanied: she wanted to show her strength.

“She is a strong woman and didn’t need anyone by her side”, highlighted the publication.

“The Princess of Wales wrote every word of her speech. It was therefore considered appropriate for Kate to deliver the message to the public alone.”

King Charles and Kate Middleton met before Princess of Wales’s announcement

People who work closely with Kate Middleton often talk about her inner strength, and that she is an inspiration to many people.

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