Find out what the procedures done by Fernanda after ‘BBB24’ were and how much they cost

Find out what the procedures done by Fernanda after ‘BBB24’ were and how much they cost
Find out what the procedures done by Fernanda after ‘BBB24’ were and how much they cost

Beatriz Mizunoi

Beatriz Mizuno –

02/04/2024 – 14:53

Fernanda Bande was eliminated from the “BBB24” this Sunday, 31. And like everyone who says goodbye to the most watched house in Brazil, the sister appeared renewed at breakfast with Ana Maria Braga on Monday the 1st.

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A This is Peoplethe team Natalia Beauty, responsible for Fernanda’s transformation, explained what care was taken at “Missão Beauty”. She explains that the entire process involves “Flow Sensory“, a sequence whose main objective is to promote tranquility, relaxation and internal connection.

Made with a blend of essential oils with relaxing effects and applied to the center of the forehead, between the two eyes, Flow Sensory also accompanies a relaxing facial massage.

Furthermore, Fernanda was subjected to:

  • Flow Design (R$350): measurement-free eyebrow design, respecting the specific points of the face;
  • Pump Lips (R$620): super-hydration treatment that revitalizes lips and fills wrinkles. It is done through a deep lip exfoliation, removing excess dry and dead skin. Then, hyaluronic acid with a blend of vitamins is applied, which restores the natural plumpness and healthy appearance of the lips;
  • Shine Face (R$ 2,204): facial treatment technique that promotes cell renewal, hydration, uniformity and immediate glow for the skin. Increases collagen and elastin production, restructures fibroblasts, replenishes nutrients to the skin, treats light spots, promotes color uniformity, restores the glow aspect of well-hydrated and nourished skin, improves texture, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and acne scars.

In addition, the ex-BBB member underwent hair treatments and makeup. According to the Natalia Beauty team, the total amount of treatments carried out by her is R$ 8 thousand.

It is worth noting, however, that nothing was paid by Fernanda: “Natalia noticed that the participants showed up the next day [à eliminação], at Ana Maria Braga’s breakfast, very ‘destroyed’, and saw an opportunity for welcome and beauty. She started sending messages to participants’ profiles offering the procedures at no cost. And then Missão Beauty was born, which is an absolute success”, explains the businesswoman’s advisor.

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